The Irony of the Ecstasy By Adam Engel

Crossposted at Thomas Paine’s Corner thanks, Jason.

By Adam Engel

MAYBE we can — but why bother?

Personally, I viewed the whole thing like a boxing match (CNN or FOX or whatever even had an advertisement for election coverage featuring McInsane and Bareback Obama faced off in profile, like fighters). Say, Holyfield versus Tyson (the re-match, after Holyfield’s ear was sewed back on). Ignored the hype qua hype, but once the “bout” began, consciously or unconsciously “took sides.” Just like I wanted Holyfield to give Tyson his “come-uppance” (and just as I wanted the similar thing when Clinton took away the 12 year Reign of Terror by Reagan/Bush I for the heavyweight title in ‘92), I “rooted” for Obama.

Then I had second thoughts. Since, like any other sports event/entertainment, the outcome wouldn’t make much of a difference to this huge sick planet, I thought it might be funnier, more hysterical, just for kicks and guffaws, if McCain was actually “elected” — then succumbed to his melanoma after a few months to issue in the “Palin era.” Also, I actually prefer an outright bully/gangster/thug, like Dubya or John Gotti, who lays his trick cards on the table, to a “friendly executive” like Clinton or the fictional Michael Corleone, who’ll “let you win” then stab you in the back as you’re leaving the Casino.

Then again, what do I know, other than for me, Obama represents the latter?

Regardless, the whole circus reminds me of ‘92, when I was still “green under the apple boughs…”

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