It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Iconic screen shot from the movie It's a Wonde...

Iconic screen shot from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Merry Christmas!

An angel helps a compassionate but despairingly frustrated businessman by showing what life would have been like if he never existed.  Continue reading

If Only (Some) Movies Were True by Philip A. Farruggio

by Philip A. Farruggio
Featured Writer
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December 19, 2010

Please remember, this Christmas season, to sit and watch the following two films: A Christmas Carol & It’s A Wonderful Life . After you watch these films, go implore your friends, neighbors and loved ones to do the same. Why? Well, let’s dissect them.

A Christmas CarolIn this movie, we follow the life of one Ebenezer Scrooge. Yes, he came from a dysfunctional family…. His mother died giving birth to him, and his father never forgave him for it. Scrooge only had the love and tenderness of his sister, but alas, not enough to save him. He grew up thinking that life was a ‘ dog eats dog ‘ existence. Continue reading

Meet John Doe (1941) by Frank Capra with Gary Cooper & Barbara Stanwyck

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Timeless Classic Movies on Jul 28, 2012

Meet John Doe is a 1941 comedy drama film directed and produced by Frank Capra and starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck. The film, about a “grassroots” political campaign, created unwittingly by a newspaper columnist and pursued by a wealthy businessman, became a box office hit and was nominated for an Academy Award for best original story (for Richard Connell and Robert Presnell Sr.). Continue reading