How to Sell Americans on the Idea of Israeli “Settlements” By Dan Ephron

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By Dan Ephron
Newsweek Web Exclusive
July 10, 2009″Newsweek” [pdf]

How do you sell the American public on the idea that Israel has the right to maintain or even expand Jewish settlements in the West Bank? Be positive. Turn the issue away from settlements and toward peace. Invoke ethnic cleansing.

Those are three of the recommendations made by Frank Luntz, a political consultant and pollster, in an internal study he wrote for the Washington-based group The Israel Project (TIP) on effective ways to talk to Americans about the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. The 117-page study, titled The Israel Project’s 2009 Global Language Dictionary, was commissioned by the nonprofit group, which aims to promote Israel’s side of the story, and leaked to NEWSWEEK. It includes chapters with such titles as “How to Talk About Palestinian Self Government and Prosperity” and “The Language of Tackling a Nuclear Iran.”

The report is strewn with bolded examples of “Words That Work” and “Words That Don’t Work,” alongside rhetorical tips such as “Don’t talk about religion” and “No matter what you’re asked, bridge to a productive pro-Israel message.” Taken together, the 18 chapters offer a fascinating look at the way Israel and its supporters try to shape the public debate in their favor.

The full report can be viewed here. [pdf]

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Sir David is joined by Simon Maxwell of the Overseas Development Institute, and by Francis Moore-Lappe of the Small Planet Institute.

Maxwell says governments have to respond by providing more social security, safety nets and famine relief.

Moore-Lappe says that hunger is not a result of a scarcity of food but a scarcity of democracy.

Also, Sir David is joined by American pollster Frank Luntz to discuss the presidential race.

Luntz says that despite Clinton’s strong established support, Obama is the likely winner of the Democratic nomination; adding that if this happens a segment of Democratic voters are likely to vote for McCain.

A McCain and Obama election, Luntz says, is too close to call.

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