Gerald Celente: Big Trends for 2017–Economic Disorder, Trump’s Corporate Cabinet, China and Russia

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RT on Dec 31, 2016

In this New Year’s Eve episode of the Keiser Report Max and Stacy discuss the outlook for 2017: from Trump’s first 100 hours, not days to fake news and a market crash following the biggest rally since Hoover. In the second half Max is joined by Gerald Celente of to discuss the big trends of 2017: Rustbelt 2.0, economic disorder and ‘Sell, Buy China’.

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Keiser Report with Gerald Celente: Bankism, Oil Prices and US Election Insanity + Happy New Year 2016


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Happy New Year!

RT on Dec 31, 2015

In this special New Year’s Eve episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk to trends forecaster Gerald Celente of about the upcoming trends for 2016. They recall that a few years ago, Celente forecasted on the Keiser Report that we would see currency war, trade war and hot war, and they ask whether or not this has come true in 2015. They discuss ‘bankism’, oil prices and US election insanity and what they hold for the future of the global economy.

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Gerald Celente: 2014 Will Be A Year of Extremes

Capitalism Kills

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Replaced video Jan. 12, 2014

RT America on Dec 31, 2013

People have tried (with varying success) to predict the future, from soothsayers to reading tea leaves, from Nostradamus to calling Miss Cleo. But one man, Gerald Celente, has made a career out of forecasting trends as the founder of the Trends Research Institute and publisher of “Trends Journal.” RT’s Anastasia Churkina sits down with Celente to talk about his predictions for 2014.

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Who’s To blame As Hundreds Die In Bangladeshi Factory Collapse by Kathy Durkin + Cheap Clothes for Mass Deaths

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My condolences to all the families of those killed and injured.

by Kathy Durkin
Workers World
April 26, 2013

A man stands atop the rubble holding a sign that reads "HELP THEY BANGLADESH"

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In Savar, an industrial suburb of Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital, at least 300 workers, mostly women, died at the Rana Plaza garment factory building collapse on April 24. In addition to the appalling number of deaths, more than 1,200 were injured there in the worst industrial disaster ever to befall this country.

The search continues to find survivors trapped in the rubble. Emergency crews have heard cries of workers pleading to be rescued, many crying out that their children need them.

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Gerald Celente: 2013 Predictions + Keiser Report: Next American Revolution

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breakingtheset·Dec 20, 2012

Abby Martin talks to Publisher of the ‘Trends Journal’ and founder of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente, about the trends that are forecasted for 2013.

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Numbers Justify Occupy Movement by Joel S. Hirschhorn + Gerald Celente at Liberty Plaza

by Joel S. Hirschhorn
Featured Writer
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October 25, 2011

Feeling angry about being betrayed by a corrupt government owned by rich and corporate elites has driven the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Emphasizing how the top one percent has prospered incredibly while the bottom 99 percent have been screwed royally is supported by countless data.  New data show this is a global phenomenon and that even in the worst of economic times the wealthiest make out like the bandits they are, and there are a lot more of them than one percent.

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On the edge with Max Keiser: Gerald Celente on Fascism, the Tea Party protests, Israel & Iran


May 22, 2010 — Latest on the state of global economy with Max Keiser

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Gerald Celente on the latest Lehman Brothers scandal + Dylan Ratigan Explains Lehman Brothers Report

RT America
March 12, 2010

A new report on Lehman Brothers says the bank was hiding billions of dollars in debt right before the financial crisis. Is this an indicator of widespread corruption in the United States financial sector? Is Wall Street getting away with even more shady practices?

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Gerald Celente: Bernanke is destroying the US economy + Ron Paul

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December 03, 2009

Ben Bernanke is on the Hill for reconfirmation hearings. Given the situation of the U.S. economy and the state of the dollar, should he be reappointed? Gerald Celente says no way.

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Gerald Celente: The Greatest Bank Robbery in American History! + Celente: American Empire is Collapsing

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November 30, 2009

Video is no longer available.


Here is another similar video interview.

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Celente: Wall Street has hijacked Washington D.C.

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October 26, 2009

Although Wall Street seems to be optimistic about economic recovery in the near future, economists like George Soros and Gerald Celente warn that things could only get worse in the future. Celente calls the U.S. economic system ‘perverted.’ RT’s Dina Gusovsky gets more details from Celente.

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Gerald Celente: The demise of the American dollar?

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October 06, 2009

The Independent newspaper has reported that Middle Eastern countries along with Russia, Japan, China and France are holding secret meetings to end oil trading using the dollar. So what does this mean for the American dollar and the future of the global economy?

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Gerald Celente: What’s next for America? Revolution!

September 14, 2009

Gerald Celente – the most trusted name in trends – sits down for an exclusive interview with RT’s Anastasia Churkina to talk about what the future holds for America during and after the Great Recession, gives advice to Obama, and forecasts the unexpected.

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Gerald Celente: Washington is Wall St. and Wall St. is Washington

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June 17, 2009

The founder of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente, shared his thoughts on Obama’s new initiative and the politicization of the Federal Reserve.

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