Federal Bureau of Intimidation by Howard Zinn

by Howard Zinn
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I thought it would be good to talk about the FBI because they talk about us. They don’t like to be talked about. They don’t even like the fact that you’re listening to them being talked about. They are very sensitive people. If you look into the history of the FBI and Martin Luther King-which now has become notorious in that totally notorious history of the FBI- the FBI attempted to neutralize, perhaps kill him, perhaps get him to commit suicide, certainly to destroy him as a leader of black people in the United States. And if you follow the progression of that treatment of King, it starts, not even with the Montgomery Bus Boycott; it starts when King begins to criticize the FBI. You see, then suddenly Hoover’s ears, all four of them, perk up. And he says, okay, we have to start working on King.

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Howard Zinn: Voices of a People’s History of the United States (2004)


Author Howard Zinn is honored at the NY Society for Ethical Culture, where actors, activists and authors read excerpts from his book, Voices of a People’s History of the United States.

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Why the Feds Fear Thinkers Like Howard Zinn by Chris Hedges

by Chris Hedges
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Howard Zinn: The Bomb by David Swanson


by David Swanson
t r u t h o u t
20 July 2010

The late Howard Zinn’s new book “The Bomb” is a brilliant little dissection of some of the central myths of our militarized society. Those who’ve read “A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments,” by H.P. Albarelli Jr. know that this is a year for publishing the stories of horrible things that the United States has done to French towns. In that case, Albarelli, describes the CIA administering LSD to an entire town, with deadly results. In “The Bomb,” Zinn describes the U.S. military making its first use of napalm by dropping it all over another French town, burning anyone and anything it touched. Zinn was in one of the planes, taking part in this horrendous crime.

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Immigrant-bashers occupy land stolen from Mexico (2006) + Robert Erickson: Here’s to the State of Arizona


By B.J. Sanders
Apr 27, 2006

Mapa de México en 1847

As Congress fights over what anti-immigrant law to impose, and the right wing rails against the powerful new movement demanding legalization of undocumented workers, one question is never addressed by the politicians and pundits: Who does the land of the United States really belong to?

The “founding fathers” and their successors stole the entire country from the Indigenous nations through centuries of war, treachery and genocide. A huge swath of the country was torn from Mexico. Continue reading

Noam Chomsky: Rekindling the Radical Imagination + Marxists struggle over ideas at Left Forum


[note: replaced video 4.11.10]

Rekindling the Radical Imagination – Piven, Jones, Roy & Chomsky, March 21, 2010

by pdxjustice Media Productions

The final plenary at the 2010 LEFT FORUM conference in New York features Francis Fox Piven, Brian Jones, Arundhati Roy and Noam Chomsky. The presentation begins with a memorial for the beloved historian, Howard Zinn, and proceeds to the theme of the 2010 conference: “The Center Cannot Hold – Rekindling the Radical Imagination.”

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Howard Zinn’s ‘Je Ne Suis Pas Marxiste’


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March 28, 2010

by Darren
crossposted at Inveresk Street Ingrate
September 13, 2006

Does this qualify as an internet exclusive?

John at A Revolutionary Act produced the much missed ‘Socialist View’, bi-monthly journal of the North East Branch of the SPGB, a few years back and in amongst the canny jokes, sharp socialist commentary and any cartoon or Private Eye style photo that took the piss out of Bush, Prescott or any passing stray Mackem, he also sought – and got – permission from Howard Zinn to reproduce his famous essay ‘Je Ne Suis Pas Marxiste’ within its pages. Those of us who have the back issues of the ‘Socialist View’ in amongst our tea stained pamphlets and leaflets in the back of our cupboards or the Zinn Reader on our bookshelves have had ready access to the essay for a number of years, but a not so exhaustive google search suggests that the essay is not online.

As John has kindly given me permission to reproduce material from the back issues of the ‘Socialist View’, I’ll take him up on his offer by reproducing Zinn’s essay that appeared in issue 12 of the branch journal. I hope that Zinn’s delightful essay is of interest to people.

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Howard Zinn by Noam Chomsky


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by Noam Chomsky
Feb. 25, 2010

Forthcoming in the Resist Newsletter, February 2010

It is not easy for me to write a few words about Howard Zinn, the great American activist and historian who passed away a few days ago. He was a very close friend for 45 years. The families were very close too. His wife Roz, who died of cancer not long before, was also a marvelous person and close friend. Also somber is the realization that a whole generation seems to be disappearing, including several other old friends: Edward Said, Eqbal Ahmed, and others, who were not only astute and productive scholars but also dedicated and courageous militants, always on call when needed — which was constant. A combination that is essential if there is to be hope of decent survival.

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Tribute to Howard Zinn with Ralph Nader, Amy Goodman and more


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Feb. 21, 2010

Friends of Howard Zinn gathered at Busboys and Poets in Washington, DC to pay tribute to the historian and political activist who died on January 27, 2010.  The speakers include Ralph Nader, Marian Wright Edelman, Amy Goodman, Dave Zirin, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Phyllis Bennis, Geoffrey Millard, Richard Rubenstein, and Busboys and Poets’ owner Andy Shallal.  The program also includes music by Bernice Johnson Reagon and Emma’s Revolution, readings from Howard Zinn’s books.

via http://www.booktv.org/Featured/11325/Tribute+to+Howard+Zinn.aspx

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Sharing in a common struggle by Anthony Arnove


Anthony Arnove, Howard Zinn’s collaborator on projects like the book Voices of a People’s History of the United States and the documentary The People Speak, pays tribute to a friend whose sense of solidarity and joy in life was infectious.
February 12, 2010

FILMING OUR documentary The People Speak in Boston one afternoon, Howard said that the camaraderie between our cast members, the sense of collective purpose and joy, was a feeling he hadn’t experienced with such intensity since his active participation in the civil rights movement. Continue reading

Howard Zinn: You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train (2004; must-see)

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Howard 'n Roslyn Zinn at BU

Howard ‘n Roslyn Zinn at BU (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Note: replaced video Mar. 24, 2015

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Just by ending the damn wars… by William Blum

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by William Blum
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6 February, 2010

The Anti-Empire Report

“In America you can say anything you want — as long as it doesn’t have any effect.” – Paul Goodman

Progressive activists and writers continually bemoan the fact that the news they generate and the opinions they express are consistently ignored by the mainstream media, and thus kept from the masses of the American people. This disregard of progressive thought is tantamount to a definition of the mainstream media. It doesn’t have to be a conspiracy; it’s a matter of who owns the mainstream media and the type of journalists they hire — men and women who would like to keep their jobs; so it’s more insidious than a conspiracy, it’s what’s built into the system, it’s how the system works. The disregard of the progressive world is of course not total; at times some of that world makes too good copy to ignore, and, on rare occasions, progressive ideas, when they threaten to become very popular, have to be countered.

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Remember Zinn by Organizing by Ralph Nader


by Ralph Nader
The Nader Page
February 5, 2010

There are several memorial services and events being planned for Howard Zinn whom The New York Times called a “historian, shipyard worker, civil rights activist and World War II bombardier, when he passed away at age 87 late last month.”

His legion of friends, students, admirers and colleagues will be out in force reminding the country about his impact as a civic leader, motivational teacher, author of the ever more popular book A People’s History of the United States, and all around fine, compassionate, and level-headed human being.

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The Stimulator: Meltdown 2010 – A pre lube to the Olympic Resistance + Dave Zirin


January 31, 2010


This week:

1. 2009 heat
2. Beds are Burning
3. Meltdown 2010
4. Skiing in the desert
5. iPon
6. Obama’s fighting deception
7. Supreme Handout
8. Howard Zinn R.I.P.
9. Anti-Flag
10. Radical sports writer Dave Zirin

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NPR Finds Right-Wing Crank to Spit on Zinn’s Grave


But remember, this power of the people on top depends on the obedience of the people below. When people stop obeying, they have no power. — Howard Zinn


David Horowitz in ATC obituary with substance-free attack

When progressive historian Howard Zinn died on January 27, NPR’s All Things Considered (1/28/10) marked his passing with something you don’t often see in an obituary: a rebuttal.

After quoting Noam Chomsky and Julian Bond, NPR’s Allison Keyes turned to far-right activist David Horowitz to symbolically spit on Zinn’s grave. “There is absolutely nothing in Howard Zinn’s intellectual output that is worthy of any kind of respect,” Horowitz declared. “Zinn represents a fringe mentality which has unfortunately seduced millions of people at this point in time. So he did certainly alter the consciousness of millions of younger people for the worse.”

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