Voting “Third” Party is modern Civil Disobedience

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By Ignorance Isn’t Bliss
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Nov. 4, 2008
Ignorance Is Futile

I know, I know, this election is over. The U.S. population has already lost this election. The ‘2 Party’ system reigns dominant once again. So the typical logic follows that because “I” won’t ‘vote’ for who will win, I won’t vote.

I’m really not here to rant about the lunacy of the self-defeated masses, but ranting is deserved. Yet I’ll cut it short. But it should be noted that in recent polls 60% weren’t pleased with the “2″ options. Furthermore, Congress enjoys a roughly 10% approval rating, numbers GWB hasn’t even had to face. I’m not even here to bitch about how roughly 1/3 of the eligible US population actually goes to vote, while more citizens vote for American idol (rendering these helpless types mere civilians).

But what I am here to rant about is this massively held doctrine that ‘I can only vote for who I think will win’. The ongoing attitude is that one can only vote for who will win. Once the herd is fed defeat by the Ruling Establishment’s controlled Big 5 Media they change the channel, or join the bandwagon for the puppet-men who are there to (preferably nicely & “lovingly”) dominate them.

So we lost this year. Many of us watched the Big 5 mainstream media go to desperate lengths to to smash Ron Paul’s campaign, a campaign that would have equaled a “Third” Party representation in place of the GOP. After that it was downhill. A slope that it clear to the hardest working of us that in 2008 we faced impossible odds from the Ruling Establishment. In fact there wouldn’t have existed a Ron Paul campaign had he run for “Third” party, as he only got into televised debates because he “was” Republican. But I’m not here to complain about that, and I’m done complaining altogether.

While Ron had an “easy” (in comparison to what ‘real’ “Third” party candidates face) rise until the Primary’s, his “Third” party equals began (as he once did as Libertarian party presidential candidate) a knowingly impossible battle. These people enter into the face of evil and insanity knowing they’ll be considered as a step above laughing stock. They lay the ground-work for a possible future. But that future’s possibility declines each election year as the masses go and “vote”.

Yet the only real mass that votes are those so deeply indoctrinated into the group-think mindsets known as “Republican” & “Democrat”. As I say so often, I’m not concerned with whether or not an individual falls into “Liberal” or “Conservative” ideologies. Instead I’m concerned with if they equate Liberal with Democrat (party), or Conservative with Republican (party). These prosperity and liberty eroding henchman have gotten us all where we are today, and both McCain & Obama voted for the ‘economic bailout’.

My goal here is not to chastise Liberals & Conservatives, instead I seek to encourage people to find the “Third” party candidates who actually represent not only their prosperity, but even their social (moral emotional wedge) issues. I’m not here to endorse any of these, as it IS futile to expect any of the primary 4 to win.

Instead I argue that it’s beyond imperative that these brave individuals are supported. I’m here to declare the time of only voting for who one perceives will win is absolute insanity. It’s time we all protest knowing we will lose. It’s time to declare that voting for the lesser of 2 evils is still evil, and that we wont support mutual forces of evil. It’s time to acknowledge that the “Third” party candidates wittingly sacrifice themselves in the face of defeat that even I in all of my selflessness couldn’t match. Imagine starting something (in a so-called “democracy”) that you know cannot be won during your attempts.

Vote ANYONE besides Republican or Democrat. Vote for yourself. And on the rest (local) vote out the incumbents. It’s time for a real change, but that change won’t happen under the 2 party system. The “Third” party candidates are laying the ground for a real future, but they need you to lay a groundwork for there successors. The 2012 election for the U.S. starts on November 3, 2008. Begin your efforts on November 3, 2012, by protesting against the Ruling Establishments “2 Party” system.


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Neocommunism, and proof the Federal Reserve is set to suck most of us dry anyways

Updated: Oct 26, 2008 added mp3 of an interview with the author

MP3 of me on the Robb Revere Show discussing ‘Neocommunism’.

Revere Radio Network

Thanks to Robb Revere for having me on. I have a feeling I might be on again soon to discuss some of my more specialized issues like AGI.

(Lots of graphs and charts on his blog post)

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

By Ignorance Isn’t Bliss
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Dandelion Salad
Oct 25, 2008
Ignorance Is Futile

Despite the US being a nation bent on material gain and wealth, it seems that too many overlook the Federal Reserve and the whole ‘money business’. More and more people are being exposed to the truth that it’s ‘privately owned’, but who it is that owns it often remains vague. But some “Skeptics” out there have their counter-arguments to the ‘conspiracy theorist’ ‘claims’. Here I’ll attempt to explain in laymans terms this whole ownership ordeal, severely weaken the general ‘non-tyrannical via member bank ownership’ position of the Skeptics, while setting the record straight on the fact that it’s sucking the U.S. dry regardless of who ‘owns’ the “Fed” while the nation barrels down the path towards what I call “Neocommunism”.

Beginning with ownership, I can’t recall clear discussion of the ‘actual’ ‘owners’ in any of the many Federal Reserve films I’ve seen. On the side of the Skeptics, perhaps it isn’t as shocking to learn that the 2,500 member banks are who it is that owns the ’stocks’ of the FR. Naturally, the Skeptics are the ones who jump up and down pointing out that the member banks have the stocks.

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Google’s A.I. quest to become God-On-Earth by Ignorance Is Bliss

(Lots of pictures and links on his blog post)

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

By Ignorance Isn’t Bliss
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Dandelion Salad
Oct 12, 2008
Ignorance Is Futile

The vision of Google’s future, according to Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, is “it would be like the mind of God”. And it’s a future that they’re working feverishly to make a reality today.

While that quote was in reference to “the ultimate search engine”, this analysis is going to make it more than clear that he was in fact referring to Google in particular. In doing so, we’ll see numerous other quotes demonstrating their intentions, what they mean by “all of the worlds information”, how they’re on precisely the right path to achieve their goal with the U.S. military in this vast project that is set to change humanity forever.

“AI” is actually too “narrow” of a term for a cognitive system, but a “broad” cognitive system would contain many narrow AI parts. To even contemplate the notion of cognitive “Artificial General Intelligence” one must first embrace emergence. Emergence is the key to all complex systems that could be considered in attempting to create a model for an AGI system. Google’s methodology in their quest is to exploit and harness the powers of emergence, while adding ‘parts’ that perform cognitive tasks in their own right. The idea is to push the term superorganism to the fullest potential. The insights are the ant colony, and the beehive. The models are the Internet, and the human brain. The entire premise of emergence is ‘the sum is greater than its parts’.


via *EXCLUSIVE: Google’s A.I. quest to become God-On-Earth. « Ignorance Is Futile!

Obama: Nearly $1 Trillion to spend on “National Security Force” of children + Reinstating the Draft

Updated: 1.18.09 Video replaced

By Ignorance Isn’t Bliss
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Sept 16, 2008

Ok, so there was a bit of buzz a month or so ago about “Obama Calls For National Civilian Stasi“, and currently people are reacting to notions that he supports a military draft (both seemingly disconnected in online discourse I’ve seen so far). But in reviewing his prior statements I’ve spotted one thing noteworthy I hadn’t thought much about before: Continue reading

Why I FEAR Obama like no other, like no other

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By Ignorance Isn’t Bliss
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Sept 16, 2008

Amidst all the potential nasties, I fear one thing most. And this one reason alone is why I’ve deeply felt for some time that he will surely be the one “elected”. And I’ll preemptively point out that the list of reasons that precedes this one thing almost wholeheartedly applies to McCain as well (worse in many cases). This won’t be a reason any Liberal or Conservative would ever expect, nor is the preceding list hardly particular in any ‘wedge issue’ topic. Vote None of the Above! Continue reading

IIB Films: Road to Terrorstorm (2008 Final Edition)

By Ignorance Isn’t Bliss
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Sept 13, 2008

Updated: Sept 15, 2008


Ignorance Is Futile

141 min – Sep 10, 2008 Continue reading

Transhumanism Messiah Ray Kurzweil’s transgender alterego

By Ignorance Isn’t Bliss
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March 9, 2008

The frontman of the Technological-Singularity/Transhumanism/Posthumanism Movement, Ray Kurzweil, makes his film debut and first book-to-film adaptation in one swoop.

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They Want Your Soul (must-see video)

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I posted this previously on my old blog on August 23, 2006. ~ Lo

Replaced video Aug. 3, 2014

By Ignorance Isn’t Bliss
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IIB Productions
16 min 57 sec – Jun 12, 2006

Stop Fascism Action Network·May 16, 2009 Continue reading

DARPA’s iXo Artificial Intelligence Control Grid: ‘The Official Version’

I posted this previously on my old blog on March 26, 2007. ~ DS

Replaced video March 20, 2013

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IIB Films
20 min 3 sec – Mar 25, 2007 Continue reading

Alex Jones finally hosts an A.I. expert… who prefers “Skynet” over “Dumb Robots”

By Ignorance Isn’t Bliss
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Ignorance Isn’t Bliss’ blog post
Mar 6, 2008

I’ve been waiting years for Alex Jones and the operation to cover some DARPA A.I., and it looks like we’ll still be waiting.

The guest was Noel Sharkey, Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, University of Sheffield. Evidently, the professor finds the notion of “Battlebots” (like in the TV show Robot Wars, on which he appears) to be mankind’s greatest threat. Well sort of.

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“Global War on Terror” is a Delusional Fantasy (videos)

By Ignorance Isn’t Bliss
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Mar 4, 2008

Here goes the “War on Terror Delusion” segment from my Neocon Wars film project.

Surely not everyone out there cares a whole lot to hear Ron Paul speak, nor would everyone have the time and patience to sit thru the entire 102 minute saga in front of a PC desk. But this short portion of the film is the most crucial. And its not even just Ron Paul arguing ‘his’ position, instead it mainly focuses around the conclusions and statements of Michael Scheuer (former head of the CIA’s Osama Bin Laden Unit), Robert A. Pape (worlds leading expert on Suicide Terrorism; Paul’s foreign policy advisor), and Chalmers Johnson (former CIA Advisor; a leading expert on American Imperialism) who are all highly credible people. Continue reading

DARPA’s UrbanMapping technology (CGI entire cities) (video)

Dandelion Salad


The new technology–called the Tactical Ground Reporting System, or TIGR–is a map-centric application that junior officers can study before going on patrol and add to upon returning. By clicking on icons and lists, they can see the locations of key buildings, like mosques, schools, and hospitals, and retrieve information such as location data on past attacks, geotagged photos of houses and other buildings (taken with cameras equipped with Global Positioning System technology), and photos of suspected insurgents and neighborhood leaders. They can even listen to civilian interviews and watch videos of past maneuvers. It is just the kind of information that soldiers need to learn about Iraq and its perils.

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Al Qaeda: The CI-A Team by Ignorance Isn’t Bliss + Barry Zweiker: Gulf War 1 lies: conspiracy to gain support for the Gulf War 1 (videos)

Dandelion Salad

Al Qaeda: The CI-A Team

by Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

NOTE: This short spoof film is my creation for the “quagmire” pre-911 video project. It’s how I intend to introduce Osama and company during the early-80’s era, in the massive timeline/TV project.

Here is the story behind that draft piece:

Prelude: The Cold War:

Our story begins during the Cold War. The nature of the Cold War is remains fuzzy to most people, despite it lasting some 45 years, and the primary reason is because it was a covert war.

It is generally characterized as a battle between the 2 “superpowers”, or empires. It was best characterized as the United States (USSA) and the USSR competing in conducting covert operations in foreign nations on a global scale. It was obviously a struggle between 2 competing cross-spectrum economic systems and political ideologies. Extreme capitalism on the “right” (ultraconservatism), and extreme socialism (communism) on the “left’.

The means and methods the 2 sides used for control in their goals of imperial conquest were virtually identical:

1) Destabilization: This caused nation-states and various regimes to “need” the support of whichever side “they” identified with.

2) Revolutionary Uprisings: A primary vehicle for destabilization and covert regime change, or for ‘controlling’ “secular’ regimes. Revolutionary factions were trained in all forms of terrorism to reach their political goals.

3) Instigating Regional Conflicts: This caused the target nation states (wherever there were “interests”) to need to buy weapons from the military-industrial-complex driven empire-states (USSA & USSR). Often times the empires would even support both sides of a conflict if they had the opportunity.

Both sides were equally guilty of these crimes or at least the intentions of such. The victory all came down to efficiency. Obviously, the U.S. won, and so did the economic system as evidenced by today’s “globalization” (most global states were “nationalist” systems before the end of the Cold War).

U.S. Style Covert Control:

Choice examples of U.S. style Cold War “foreign policy”, for this essay, are as follows:

1: Create or support conservative violent uprisings to overthrow leftist regimes that maintained or sought to establish “nationalized” natural resources.
A choice example of this would be Nicaragua Contras who were radicalized Christian revolutionaries. This is what the “Iran-Contra” conspiracy was about.…

2: Installation of right-wing military dictatorships.
The best example of this would be Operation CONDOR, which the U.S. supported all throughout the 1970’s. This conquest involved overthrowing the democratically elected governments of most of the nations in all of South America. It involved assassinations (terrorism), and the torture and murder of hundreds of thousands of political dissidents (people protesting the hijacking of their country).…

Then for the other ‘heathen’ side of the globe (Middle Eastern Asia), different and somewhat opposite tactics were employed:

A: The installation of ‘secular’ regimes.
With this strategy the U.S. would put the secular regimes into power, if necessary, and then destabilize the region with radical Islamists. This would create a need for U.S. weapons and even presence in the form of military bases for “security”. Choice examples would be Saddam Hussein (who the CIA put into power), Egypt and so on. These are 1970’s examples. This sort of behavior actually goes back to 1953 with operation AJAX in Iran.…

B: Supporting monarchist or similar repressive regimes.
A good example here would be Bahrain and Saudi Arabia; again, 1970’s examples. Ideally, in all of the covert conquests, existing regimes would be persuaded or coerced into playing the ideal roles for their regional scenarios.

There are other forms and examples, but these are the most prominent.

X: Destabilization:
Ultraconservative’s (radical Islamists for example) were/are still guided and supported overall by the U.S. to play out their roles in destabilizing their regions (thus requiring the regimes to need U.S. backing).

While the Islamists are ideal tools for destabilizing a region, they’re not what the U.S. considers ideal regimes to hold power. While the US may seek to destablize ‘regions’ to gain influence and control, conversely it seeks regimes that will stabilize US led “globalization” efforts to gain resources and cheap slave labor. Regimes that destabilize globalization, whether secular or radical Islamic, are typically what you’d find on “terrorist state sponsors” lists as evidenced by Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran and so on. Islamist regimes, in resource rich lands generally tend to destabilize globalization so they’re generally not given enough support to achieve their goals, while the secular regimes are.

Islamist revival movements gained followers across the Muslim world, but failed to secure political power except in Iran and Sudan.
-9/11 Commission Report; p.53

A good analogy for this destabilization concept is when leaders use fear mongering to scare their populations into supporting imperialistic militarism or domestic police state programs. You scare their grasp on security and self-“control” and they’ll accept the “solution”. This tactic can and often is applied to not only individuals but also entire regions. It’s a particular favorite of imperialist powers as far back as well recorded history goes. Of course, the USSR used similar but somewhat politically-opposite tactics, and so on.

Now there’s destablization in general, and then there’s more direct thuggish destabilization. Ideally, you install regimes in regions that are sure to produce opposition to ensure the new regimes codependency on US weapons and “aid’. This is a sort of ‘endemic’ self-sustaining destabilization. But then there often comes a need for directly focused destabilization to attain specific political goals, and this is where ‘focus groups’ such as Al Qaeda come in.

Afghanistan 1979-89: The Cold War Final Showdown:

The general version we get is that we helped the poor Afghani’s defend their territory from the “Evil Empire” the USSR, or, the other “superpower”. Then, after they (the Mujahadeen) “won” the imperialist driven conflict, some of them branched off into “Al Qaeda” and decided to go after US, the remaining “superpower’.

1977-1981: The Nationalities Working Group Advocates Using Militant Islam Against Soviet Union
1978: CIA Begins Covert Action in Afghanistan
July 3, 1979: President Carter Approves Covert Aid to Anti-Soviet Forces in Afghanistan
December 8, 1979: Soviet Forces, Lured in by the CIA, Invade Afghanistan
Early 1980: Osama bin Laden, with Saudi Backing, Supports Afghan Rebels
1982: Pakistani ISI Begins Recruiting Arab Fundamentalists to Fight in Afghanistan. Afghan opium production rises from 250 tons in 1982 to 2,000 tons in 1991, coinciding with CIA support and funding of the mujaheddin.
1984: Bin Laden Develops Ties with Pakistani ISI and Afghan Warlord

And now our story begins to take shape.

For perspective, however, one must consider the nature and relationship of the Bush’s and Saudi’s, which is rather common knowledge these days, but stretches back into the 70’s when GHWB was the CIA Director and established his Saudi / Bin laden relationship. Many of the ‘tactic’ examples above actually occurred during his tenures with the CIA in the 70’s and his vice-presidency during the 80’s, and much more.

This assistance was funneled through Pakistan: the Pakistani military intelligence
service (Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, or ISID), helped train the rebels and distribute the arms.…

Post-Cold War: Finding an “Enemy”; Gaining a Tool:

At least since the Cold War there has been a need for excuses to maintain our imperial posture while distracting Americans from noticing that we’re an imperialist state. This is easy to do with “justifiable” and covert wars, but when the wars aren’t justifiable or covert people begin to wake up to the reality. ‘Coincidentally’, a new “Islamofacsist” ’empire’ (anti-US Imperialism ragtag groups scattered throughout a vast region) began to appear.

These groups were none other than the majuahadeen religious freedom fighters that “we’ trained during the Afghan War. Their number one leader was the Bush connected Saudi money handler that helped the CIA coordinate the Mujahadeen uprising, while his family and their associates were the ones in the Middle East who stand to gain from his anti-American exploits and the future “War on Terror”. Ironically, the imperialist-elitist leaders from the U.S. even stand to gain from his groups future exploits.

1980 and on: The U.S. itself as a Tool for American Imperialism:

The US is used for volunteer Mujahadeen solider & fund-raising from early in the Afghan conflict. Mujahadeen support centers are established throughout the U.S.

A Muslim organization called al Khifa had numerous branch offices, the largest of which was in the Farouq mosque in Brooklyn. In the mid-80’s, it had been set up as one of the first outposts of Azzam & Bin Laden’s MAK.[40] Other cities which included branches of al Khifa included Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Tucson.…

The upcoming group, “Al Qaeda”, is later useful for agenda setting terror attacks throughout the US. It’s usefulness is 2 pronged: On the one hand it has effective use for domestic policy setting, and the other bring use for a new ‘never-ending’ “War on Terror” scheme of global imperialistic domination.

It is later found to be connected with the OKC bombing, and of course 9/11. Of course, the OKC connectosn are completely ignored by the government as it weakens their anti-militia stance, and this is all about control.…

1989: Azzam, the primary leader of the Mujahadeen, and seeker of peaceful political movements for revolutionary change throughout the Middle East, is mysteriously assassinated. Western journalists would later assert that UBL was responsible the assassination.

Enter Iraq:

Ever since Hussein was placed into power by the CIA, he became increasingly arrogant and impossible to play like a puppet by the US establishment. Efforts to use traditional CIA tactics like overthrows and assassinations were futile thanks to his use of body doubles and family centralized power.

1989: Usama returns home.

He denounced Saddam Hussein, claiming the Iraqi leader was about to invade Kuwait. In Saudi, such behaviour did not endear him to the authorities. He was told to shut up and refused, but all the time he was quietly advising the Saudi King Fahd of the danger coming from Iraq.…

August 1990: Saddam invades Kuwait after being given the green light by the US.

UBL pleads to Saudi royals to summon majahadeen to fight Hussein. The Royals, and the policy setting U.S., decide that the job is too big for the Mujahadeen. UBL’s Mujahadeen strategy dispatched to northern Iraq to fuel a Kurdish insurgency, to destabilize Hussein in his weakest moments. U.S. levels Iraqi forces, but then decides to back off since imperial control couldn’t be fully established with the multi-national coalition, plus Hussein might finally obey.

This plan fails, UBL attempts to work with Kurds through the 90’s. Saddam grows even more defiant to the US over time. We all know the rest.

Bin Laden had in fact been sponsoring anti-Saddam Islamists in Iraqi Kurdistan, and sought to attract them into his Islamic army.
-9/11 Commission Report; p.61

Libya: Putting Qadhafi in Check:

“We are not in need of bin Laden, we don’t need his money and we don’t need his protection and we don’t want to use him or be used by him.…

LIFG’s next big operation, a failed attempt to assassinate Qadhafi in February 1996 that killed several of his bodyguards, was later said to have been financed by British intelligence to the tune of $160,000, according to ex-M15 officer David Shayler.…

Here classic Mafioso bullying “protection” tactics are used twofold: On the one hand Qadhafi can seek ‘protection” from Al Qaeda, or on the other hand he can “join” the United States in “combating” the former. It’s really a no-brainer for any regime that’s trying to seek respect in the “civilized” world, as to take option one would only secure his name in the history books as a ‘barbaric’ state sponsor of terrorism.

Ironically, the common thread running through Libya, bin Laden and the U.S. is the 1979-1988 Afghan war.…

LIGF was founded in the fall of 1995 by Libyans who had fought against Soviet forces in Afghanistan.…

Far from being soul-mates, Qadhafi and bin Laden have long been at odds; it was Qadhafi who, in March 1998, issued the first Interpol arrest warrant for bin Laden, a fact little known in the West.

Colonel Muammar Qadhafi’s decades-long confrontation with the West has never given him much purchase among militant Islamists in Libya. In fact, the LIFG has waged a violent insurgency for ten years – with a hostility toward the eccentric dictator so implacable that it refuses even to negotiate with his envoys.…

These groups came into open conflict with security services in the mid 1990s and also made a number of assassination attempts against Qadhafi, most notably in 1996 and 1998.…

Operation a success, and the sellout:

A Canadian intelligence report says al-Qaeda-backed militants in Libya want to assassinate Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, providing a possible explanation for the dictator’s recent attempts to improve relations with the West.

The United States and Britain announced last Friday that Col. Gaddafi had agreed to dismantle Libya’s weapons of mass destruction programs. UN weapons inspectors are to arrive in the country as early as next week.

Yesterday, Col. Gaddafi called on other “rogue states” to follow his dramatic example if they were to prevent “tragedy” from striking their nations.…

The Balkins: 1992-Present:

I’d say this Al Qaeda supported history speaks for itself. Al Qaeda, the Mujahadeen, weapons and heroin showed up right about the same time the US military was ready to move in. An echo of the Afghan War, but I thought “we” were done using these measures?

1991: US Convinces Bosnian President to Renege on Agreement
1992-1995: Pentagon Helps Bring Islamic Militants to Fight with Bosnians Against Serbs
1992-1995: KSM Fights and Fundraises in Bosnia
1993: Bosnian President Said to Grant Bin Laden Passport as Gesture of Appreciation
1993: Albanian Drug Smuggling Profits Fund Muslim Arms Buildup in Balkans
1993: US Begins Construction on Airfield Used for Bosnia Arms Pipeline 1994: Bin Laden Meets with Albanian Government Officials
August 30, 1995: NATO Launches Bombing Campaign Against Bosnian Serbs
1995-1998:< STRONG>Alleged Ties Between Al-Qadi Charity and Terrorist Groups Are Uncovered; No Action Taken
February 1995: Albanian Narco-Terrorism Destabilizes the Balkans
1996-1999: Albanian Mafia and KLA Take Control of Balkan Heroin Trafficking Route
February 1998: State Department Removes KLA from Terrorism List
Shortly Before February 1998 and After: KLA Receives Arms and Training from US and NATO
May 7, 1998: Al-Qaeda Leader Visits Bosnia; US Charity Is Funding Al-Qaeda There
October 1998: Islamic Conference Calls KLA Struggle ‘Jihad’
1999: US and British Special Forces Train KLA Operatives in Albania
Late March-June 1999: NATO Begins Bombing Campaign Against Serbs
June 2001: The KLA Begins an Offensive in Macedonia
Late June-Early July 2001: KLA Forces Are Rescued by US in Macedonia
July 15, 2001: The KLA Begins Ethnic Cleansing of Tetovo-Kosovo Corridor in Macedonia
September 20, 2002: Saudi Charity in Bosnia Linked to Al-Qaeda


serbia map

In the 1990s the US and UK led a military campaign to restore peace to Yugoslavia. The allies celebrated their status as the peace police of the world. A few years later, we learn that the war opened the door for the US oil industry to a vast new oil supply that had just been discovered.…

serbia map 2

[Note: There has been a decrease from 80% to 50% through this region, but it can be said that it’s now US controlled, while it wasn’t before.]

‘Honorable’ Mention: The Philippine’s:

They were a US colony for nearly 50 years. Eventually they were given ‘independence’ after WW2.

They finally booted our bases between 91-92, and “Al Qaeda” support moved in shortly thereafter.

In September 16, 1991, despite lobbying by President Aquino, the Philippine Senate rejected a treaty that would have allowed a 10-year extension of the U.S. military bases in the country. The United States turned over Clark Air Base in Pampanga to the government in November, and Subic Bay Naval Base in Zambales in December 1992, ending almost a century of U.S. military presence in the Philippines.…

Since its inception in the early 1990s, the group has carried out bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, and extortion in their fight for an independent Islamic state in western Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago with the stated goal of creating a pan-Islamic superstate…

President Arroyo has demonstrated total support for the U.S.-led campaign, offering intelligence, logical support, and the use of Philippine air space, and opening two former American military bases, Clark Air Force Base and Subic Bay. Most recently, she has agreed to receive U.S. troops’ advice and logistical support in the country’s fight against the Abu Sayyaf.

By sending American troops to aid Filipino forces in defeating the Abu Sayyaf, the Philippines has become the only country besides Afghanistan to receive direct involvement of U.S. troops in the fight against terrorism.…

Why is it that Al Qaeda shows up nearly everywhere we do, and they’re also on the same side?


FBI Knowingly Allowed Bin Laden To Personally Charter Flight After 9/11

*9/11 Commission Report: “terrorist threats, was in the tens of thousands—probably hundreds of thousands.”

*Osama’s Satellite Phone: History Channel unwittingly debunks the 911 Commission Report

*U.S. “Interests”: Hardcore Drugs