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July 5, 2005 - Hemp Field

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Cement production alone accounts for five per cent of all global carbon dioxide emissions — that is more than the entire aviation industry. The answer could lie in a field of cannabis plants in Oxfordshire, the UK. Joyce Ohajah follows the process.

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How Hemp Is Used for Food, Clothing, Building Materials and In Cars Like Lotus

Wild growing hemp

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ŠĩŗĜŕôŵåɭȍҭҭ· on Nov 11, 2010

Hemp is being recognized by more and more people as one of the most versatile plants on the planet.

There are over 25,000 different products that can be made from hemp, some of which include:
– Food
– Clothing
– Building Materials
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Hemp For Victory (1942)

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English: Title screen of the film Hemp for Vic...

English: Title screen of the film Hemp for Victory from 1942. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 on Jun 22, 2010

1942 Hemp For Victory film produced by the US Dept. of Agriculture, offered here in its full 13:43 minutes for convenient viewing, a rare display of patriotism combined with public appreciation of the value of hemp as an extraordinarily useful fiber.

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King Hemp: Part 2: Battle Lines: Natural, Or Synthetic…Life, Or Death? By Rand Clifford

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By Rand Clifford
crossposted at Thomas Paine’s Corner

Hemp is about life, renewal and future, power to The People…most everything America’s embedded fascist regime is not about. Government of, by and for corporations (CorpoGov) has us hogtied.

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