Congratulations! British Authorities by Badrul Islam

Sent to DS by the author, thank you, Badrul.

by Badrul Islam
Dandelion Salad
April 3, 2009

BBC headlines reports” Banned Dutch MP held at Heathrow -A Dutch MP who called the Koran a “fascist book” is to be sent back to the Netherlands after attempting to defy a ban on entering the UK. We wish to congratulate the British Home Secretary and Immigration Authorities at Heathrow Airport for their wise decision. We appreciate BBC’s continuous efforts to keep the World informed. This happened on February 12, 2009.

BBC reports that Freedom Party MP Geert Wilders was invited to show his controversial film-(which links the Islamic holy book to terrorism) – in the UK’s House of Lords. But Wilders who faces trial in his own country for inciting hatred, has been denied entry by the Home 0ffice. The MP was invited to the House of Lords by the UK Independence Party’s Lord Pearson.

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