US Ambassador: Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons is a great danger to Turkey

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compiled by Cem Ertür
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
23 June 2009

1) Interview with US Ambassador to Turkey James Jeffrey (June 2009)
2) US President Barack Obama’s speech to Turkey’s parliament (April 2009)
3) CSIS report: Turkey would be the optimum route for a possible Israeli attack on Iran (March 2009)
4) Petition by the European Mayors on whose territory US nuclear weapons are deployed (December 2007)
5) Percentage of population desiring Europe to be nuclear free (May 2006)
6) US Ambassador to Turkey James Jeffrey’s background (June 2008)


NTV: Mr. Ahmedinejad won the elections for the second time in Iran. Do you think that it will affect the general approach of USA to Iran in region?

US Ambassador Jeffrey: […] What we’re very concerned about are, first of all, it’s pursuit of what we believe is a nuclear weapon system which is a great danger to everybody in this region not least Turkey. […]

[US Ambassador to Turkey James Jeffrey, interview with Turkey’s NTV channel, Ankara, 19 June 2009] [1]

note: for information on the background of US Ambassador to Turkey James Jeffrey, see item 6 of this compilation.


“The peace of the region will also be advanced if Iran forgoes any nuclear weapons ambitions. Now, as I made clear in Prague yesterday, no one is served by the spread of nuclear weapons, least of all Turkey.”

[US President Barack Obama, speech to Turkey’s parliament, Ankara, 6 April 2009] [2]


CSIS report: Turkey would be the optimum route for a possible Israeli attack on Iran (March 2009) [3]

A military strike by Israel against Iranian Nuclear Facilities is possible and the optimum route would be along the Syrian-Turkish border then over a small portion of Iraq then into Iran, and back the same route. […]

If the Israeli aircraft do actually fly over Turkey that would constitute a clear Turkish – Israel and even U.S. conspiracy to attack Iran, so the Political risks could be high with Turkey.

Operationally, […] the risk from Turkey could be of medium level if Turkey deems it necessary to react militarily. […]


“While our public is regularly provided alarming media reports of nuclear dangers in Iraq, North Korea or Iran, what is supposed to be a well-informed western audience is living in ignorance of the destructive power of thousands of potential Hiroshimas stored in their backyards.”

[Mayors for Peace petition launched on 6 December 2007 by the European Mayors on whose territory US nuclear weapons are deployed, namely:

Vedat Karadag (Incirlik, TURKEY), Stefano Del Cont (Aviano, ITALY), Anna Giulia Guarneri (Ghedi, ITALY), Theo Kelchtermans (Peer, BELGIUM), Dr. Joke W. Kersten (Uden, NETHERLANDS), Heinz Onnertz (Buechel, GERMANY) ] [4]


Percentage of population desiring Europe to be nuclear free

(results of an opinion poll conducted in April-May 2006) [5] :

Yes No

Turkey 88.1% 2.5%
Italy 71.5% 9.3%
Germany 70.5% 26.8%
Belgium 64.6% 31.2%
Netherlands63.3% 26.0%
UK 55.7% 39.5%


US Ambassador to Turkey James Jeffrey’s background:

On June 5, [2008], The White House announced the nomination of the Deputy National Security Advisor James Franklin Jeffrey as US Ambassador to Turkey. In his earlier capacity as the principal deputy assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs, Mr Jeffrey had a prominent role on Iraq policy and was co-chairing the now defunct Iran-Syria Policy and Operations Group:

“The infamous Iran-Syria Policy and Operations Group (ISOG) created in early 2006, integrated by officials from the White House, the [US] State Department, the CIA and the Treasury Department, had a mandate to destabilize Syria and Iran, and bring about ‘Regime Change’. ” [6]



[1] Ambassador James Jeffrey’s Interview with Murat Akgun, NTV

website of the US Embassy in Ankara, 19 June 2009

[2] Remarks by President Barack Obama to the Turkish Parliament

The White House website, 6 April 2009

[3] Study on a possible Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear development facilities

by Abdullah Toukan et al., Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), 16 March 2009,com_csis_pubs/task,view/id,5337/t ype,1/

[4] European mayors want withdrawal of US nukes from their territory marking INF [i.e. the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty] 20th anniversary

2020 Vision Campaign website, 6 December 2007

[5] Nuclear Weapons in Europe: Survey Results in Six European Countries

public opinion survey by Strategic Communications, Greenpeace International website, 25 May 2006

[6] Coming war against Iran: Increasing Anglo-American pressure on Turkey

by Cem Ertür, Dandelion Salad, 21 June 2008


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