Obama = Bush — A President Who Places Himself Above The Law by Jean-Claude Paye

Dandelion Salad

by Jean-Claude Paye
Translation by Pete Kimberley
Nov. 13, 2012

NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act)

Image by World Can’t Wait via Flickr

Far from having broken with his Republican predecessor, Democratic President Barack Obama has now reinforced the law of exception that he criticised when he was a senator. It is now possible to deprive United States citizens of their fundamental rights because they have taken part in armed action against their own country, but also when they take a political position favourable to those who use military action to resist the Empire. Worse – Barack Obama has added to the law John Yoo’s “Unitary Executive theory,” which puts an end to the principles of the separation of powers as defined by Montesquieu. The security policy of the United States President now escapes all control.

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