Jesse Freeston: The Never-Ending Coup in Honduras

Jesse Freeston The Never-Ending Coup in Honduras

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TheRealNews on Jan 26, 2018

Special Report from the Hemisphere’s Most Controversial Inauguration.

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Honduran Students Defend Occupied National University / Estudiantes Defienden La UNAH en Tegucigalpa

Map of Honduras

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on Mar 31, 2011

Raw Footage/Material Crudo

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Wednesday was a national day of action in Honduras as teachers, students, and members of the National People’s Resistance Front took part in a third week of actions against the privatization of education. Students of the National Autonomous University in the capital of Tegucigalpa occupied the campus and the surrounding streets. They were then attacked by riot squads launching tear gas and rocks, and by two tanks that fire water mixed with pepper spray. The police entered the campus grounds from a back entrance before being repelled by hundreds students throwing rocks.

It marked the second time in one week that the police entered the university, breaking a Honduran law that prohibits the presence of police or military on Honduran university campuses.


El miércoles fue un día nacional de acción en Honduras. Profesores, estudiantes y miembros del Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular participaron en una tercera semana de acciones contra la privatización de la educación. Los estudiantes de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma en la capital de Tegucigalpa tomaron el campus y la calle cercana. Fueron atacados por la policia antimotines con gaz lagrimogena. Miembros de la policía entró el campus de la entrada trasera antes de ser repelidos por cientos de estudiantes tirando piedras.

Por segunda vez en una semana la policía se metio en la universidad, rompiendo una ley hondureña que prohíbe la presencia de policías y militares en los predios universitarios del pais.

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Free Gas in Pennsylvania? Part 2

TheRealNews | November 10, 2010

Pennsylvania to Become ‘Gasland’? (Pt. 2): Trillions of dollars in revenues expected to be made, yet new Governor pledges not to tax the companies.

Produced by Jesse Freeston and Malak Behrouznami.

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Pennsylvania to Become ‘Gasland’?

Fracking up a storm

Image by wollombi via Flickr

TheRealNews | November 08, 2010

Standing on top of one of the world’s largest natural gas fields, some Pennsylvanians prepare to take on their new governor, the gas industry, the famous ‘Halliburton Loophole’, and Karl Rove in order to stop the drilling.

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Produced by Jesse Freeston and Malak Behrouznami.

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‘Go Ahead, Try and Make Me Pay You’: Wage Theft and S.B. 1070 + Illegal Invasion Or Economic Scapegoat?

By Danny Postel and Ted Smukler
July 27, 2010

The Arizona Interfaith Alliance for Worker Justice, a worker center in Phoenix, has seen a “huge spike” in wage theft since SB 1070, Arizona’s draconian immigration law, passed in April. Trina Zelle, the group’s executive director, has seen a “noticeable shift” in the four months since the measure was signed into law.

“Employers are even more brazen in their mistreatment of workers,” Zelle says. “Increasingly, “Go ahead, try and make me pay you” is the response workers hear when they confront their employers over unpaid wages.


via ‘Go Ahead, Try and Make Me Pay You’: Wage Theft and S.B. 1070 – Working In These Times

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Black Block get green light to rampage? + Jesse Freeston on Canadian national TV

G20 Toronto Black Block get green light to rampage?

CanadiansNanaimo | June 28, 2010 | 4:17

A photo Journalist describes his experience following the black block as they rampage through the streets of Toronto during the G20 Summit.

20,000 police and security officials and a $1 billion security budget were not enough to stop 75-100 black block anarchists from smashing windows and torching police cars during a 1.5 hour rampage. The Black Block were able to rampage through the street for 24 blocks until they reached the ‘official protest zone’ where they quickly changed clothes dispersed through the crowd of peaceful protesters and then left the site.

The police were fully aware of the rampage and watched the black block from a distance at a number of locations. It wasn’t until they had dispersed into a crowd of peaceful protesters who thought that they were in a sanctioned area that the police took action beating innocent people with batons and spraying them with pepper spray.

Why was this allowed to happen? Police abandoned police cars at Bay and King when they didn’t need to, why? Was this allowed to happen so the Harper government could justify an outrageous security bill when there was no credible terrorist threat (according to CSIS)? Who led this group of vandals? Were they infiltrated by government paid provocateurs as was the case in Montebello where police with masks and rocks attacked their own riot squad?

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Police State Canada + Real News journalist attacked at G20 + Interview with Toronto Mayor

Who do the police work for? ~ DS

Real News journalist attacked at G20


TRNN’s Jesse Freeston, one of the members of media attacked or arrested at G20

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Honduran elections exposed

Dandelion Salad


This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

December 06, 2009

Honduran coup regime’s claims about 60% turnout at free and fair elections is revealed as fraud. Also implicated in the video are the wide array of media outlets and governments that have unquestioningly accepted the electoral data of a regime that overthrew the last elected president.

Produced by Jesse Freeston, on location in Honduras.

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