House to Vote on Resolution to Reject Goldstone Report Findings and Recommendations by Jeremy R. Hammond

by Jeremy R. Hammond
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Foreign Policy Journal
1 November 2009

The U.S. House of Representatives will vote on Tuesday on a resolution calling on President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “to oppose unequivocally any endorsement or further consideration of the ‘Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict’ in multilateral fora.” Continue reading

The Spectrum of Disobedience – an interview with Howard Zinn By Gabriel Matthew Schivone

Crossposted with permission from Jewish Peace News

Howard Zinn
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Jewish Peace News
Sept 14, 2009

This interview with Howard Zinn opens with a discussion of a group of Israeli refusers known as the Sministim (high school seniors).

For some years now, a number of high school seniors get together and write a letter in which they declare their refusal to serve in an occupying army. Some are pacifists who won’t serve in any army, and others object specifically to Israel’s 42 years of occupation of Palestinian Territories.

Some of these refusers (and well as many reserve soldiers who have become refusers) have served jail sentences.

International law requires recognition of the right of people to refuse military service, but this – like many other laws and conventions – have been ignored by Israeli authorities.

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Work for Justice, Go to Jail? + Support Ezra Nawi

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Update: 20,000 sign petition asking not to put Ezra Nawi in jail | Israel | Jerusalem Post

[August 12, 2009 – Note: Ezra’s sentencing comes up soon, please sign the petition]

Crossposted with permission from Jewish Peace News

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Jewish Peace News
June 21, 2009

The article below, from Friday’s Haaretz, is by David Shulman, author of Dark Hope: Working for Peace in Israel and Palestine, and Ta’ayush activist. In his usual fluid and perceptive style, he recounts why Ezra Nawi—his friend, comrade, beloved activist— may well go to jail on July 1st. The reason: non-violently protecting the homes of Bedouin Palestinians in the South Hebron hills from being demolished. In the mixed up world of Israeli “democracy,” this is apparently a jail worthy offense.

The first time I was ever in the West Bank, I drove with Ezra in his truck, known to almost everyone in the South Hebron Hills. I remember so clearly the scene David Shulman describes and how it shocked me: the rickety shacks pieced together from tin and rags where the Palestinians lived, pressed up against the edges of the settlement, with its large houses with red roofs and green lawns (made possible by the water stolen from its Palestinian owners). I tried to imagine someone standing in her kitchen, looking out at these pathetic shelters, and feeling threatened or cruel enough to insist on their destruction.

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Not all Israeli youth are fascist and/or racist, but some are + Jews Gone Wild + What hate?

Update 2: June 19, 2009, added a link to a petition. Added another video; see below

Update 1: June 7, 2009; added a commentary to the 2nd video; see below

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More on Israeli refuseniks from Jewish Peace News: Continue reading

Jewish Voice for Peace: An open letter to President Obama

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Jewish Voice for Peace


Please add your name to our letter, and then ask your like-minded friends to do the same. Jewish Voice for Peace and Just Foreign Policy are aiming to deliver this letter on February 23.


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The Daily Show: Strip Maul

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Excerpt from an email from Lynn Pollack, Jewish Voice for Peace

Read Rabbi Brant Rosen’s blog post and watch the Daily Show video; send a thank you to Jon Stewart at See also: In U.S., war of words over Gaza. Continue reading

Jewish Peace News: Resistance to the war

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Crossposted with permission from Jewish Peace News

Jewish Peace News

These pieces are organized around the theme of resistance. They discuss various actions, initiatives and statements by Jews and Israelis who are speaking out and acting in solidarity with Palestinians who are struggling to keep themselves and their families alive in Gaza. There are many suggestions for actions that you can take.


(1) Tom Pessah, an Israeli doing a PhD in the US, writes another update on protests and people inside of Israel. His attention to nuance and detail make this description extraordinary. Rebecca Vilkomerson attended the rally too and reports that the number was closer to 500 people (Pessah reports about 100): “it was also noteworthy that there were so many women and children at the rally, which despite all the police who were present, gave the rally a rather gentle presence, and unlike in Tel Aviv, there were no counter-protesters throwing eggs, so all in all it was one of the more pleasant demo experiences recently.”

(2) On conscientious objection and military refusal:

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Send a message to the new Congress asking for a ceasefire (action alert) (Updated)

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Updated: 1.9.09 see below

From an email from the Shalom Center (Rabbi Arthur Waskow)

Peace for Gaza, Israel, & the broader Middle East

Letters to Members of Congress calling urgently for US action to secure Gaza-Israel ceasefire and move quickly for regional peace. Please use FAX for strongest impact.

Dear  Member

Out of my very strong ethical, moral, and religious commitments and strong emotional connections with the peoples of the Middle East, I urge you to press for a US commitment to achieve an immediate cease-fire in the war between Gaza and Israel, enforced if necessary by a peacekeeping body.

I also urge you to voice support now for a broader peacemaking insistence by the US on a regional peace settlement among all the Arab states, Israel, a viable Palestinian state with a freely elected government of national unity, and Iran.

Thank you for turning away from casting blame for the past, toward instead securing peace for the future.

With blessings of great success for this session of Congress, and of shalom, salaam, peace —

Take action:


From an email from Just Foreign Policy:

Call Congress in Support of Gaza Ceasefire and Report the Result
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Heartbeaking tragedy in Gaza by Stephanie Roth

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From an email from Jewish Voice for Peace:

by Stephanie Roth

The news about the attacks in Gaza is beyond words. “Appalling” doesn’t even come close.

Heartbeaking tragedy
in Gaza.

Please help.
Click here to donate now.

Photo by Danny Hammontree, Washington DC

U.S.-supplied Israeli F-16 warplanes and Apache helicopters have fired missiles and dropped over 100 tons of bombs on dozens of locations in the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip.  Over 300 people are dead and at least 1,400 more are injured. Many if not most of them are civilians. Food and medicine were already in short supply in Gaza and all medical facilities have been completely overwhelmed by this onslaught. Access to Gaza has been cut off by Israel.

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No place to run, no place to hide by William Bowles

By William Bowles
featured writer
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30 December 2008

So much has been written about the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip and by people with a far greater understanding of the reality of it than I, nevertheless I feel impelled to put pen to paper not only about our collective indifference to the wholesale slaughter being carried out in the name of the ‘chosen people’ but to the media’s ‘coverage’ that has been nothing short of scandalous and especially the BBC’s.

Here is part of the BBC’s latest ‘account’ of the slaughter unleashed on the prison that is the Gaza Strip, Continue reading

A rising death toll + Take action to decry the attacks on Gaza

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From an email:

Jewish Voice for Peace

Please allow me to share with you our statement below about the headlines seen in papers across the world yesterday and today.

In sadness on this terrible day,

Cecilie Surasky
Jewish Voice for Peace

December 28, 2008

Jewish Voice for Peace joins millions around the world, including the 1,000 Israelis who protested in the streets of Tel Aviv this weekend, in condemning ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza. We call for an immediate end to attacks on all civilians, whether Palestinian or Israeli.

Israel’s slow strangulation of Gaza through blockade has caused widespread suffering to the 1.5 million people of Gaza due to lack of food, electricity, water treatment supplies and medical equipment. It is a violation of humanitarian law and has been widely condemned around the world.

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December 18th, what happened (Shministim)

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Jewish Voice for Peace
Dec. 19, 2008

Yesterday, December 18th, was the Shministim Day of Action in Israel. Even as Tamar Katz remained in solitary confinement, the Shministim were thrilled. They told us they had not seen this much media coverage in Israel of young refusers in years. The global response, which continues to grow, has been overwhelming. I want to share with you this first-hand account that Rebecca Vilkomerson wrote about the day. And, thank you so much from all of us at Jewish Voice for Peace.

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Israeli Conscientious Objectors, Shministim, Send letter

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Support Israel’s young conscientious objectors. WWW.December18th.ORG Shministim say why they refuse to serve in an army that occupies the Palestinians.

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Help These Brave Young Israelis + The last time I was out of prison, I went to see my dad.

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Learn more and pass it on:

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more about “Help These Brave Young Israelis“, posted with vodpod



From an email from

The last time I was out of prison, I went to see my dad.

A note from Shministit Omer Goldman.

Dear Lo,

My name is Omer Goldman. I am 19 years old. I am one of the Shministim. Thank you for signing the Shministim letter to support me and my friends.

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