Webster Tarpley: The Wikileaks Limited Hang-Out and the Coming War With Iran


with Webster Tarpley
Bonnie Faulkner
Guns and Butter
August 11, 2010

How the massive document dump plays into US geostrategy; comparisons with the Pentagon Papers; war provocation incidents; Wikileaks Board; Cass Sunstein; Google; In-Q-Tel; Operation Keyhole.

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The JFK Assassination: New York Times Acknowledges CIA Deceptions by Prof. Peter Dale Scott

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by Prof. Peter Dale Scott
www.globalresearch.ca, October 21, 2009

The New York Times, on October 17, published a page-one story by Scott Shane about the CIA’s defiance of a court order to release documents pertaining to the John F. Kennedy assassination, in its so-called Joannides file. George Joannides was the CIA case officer for a Cuban exile group that made headlines in 1963 by its public engagements with Lee Harvey Oswald, just a few weeks before Oswald allegedly killed Kennedy. For over six years a former Washington Post reporter, Jefferson Morley, has been suing the CIA for the release of these documents. [1]

Sometimes the way that a news item is reported can be more newsworthy than the item itself. A notorious example was the 1971 publication of the Pentagon Papers (documents far too detailed for most people to read) on the front page of the New York Times.

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Legendary CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite dies at 92 + Kucinich’s Statement

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Sympathies and condolences to his family and friends the world over.  RIP Walter Cronkite.

By Mark Washburn
Charlotte Observer
July 17, 2009

He led us to Saigon, to Jonestown, to Selma, to Attica.

He escorted us to all corners of the Earth, then he showed us to the moon.

As anchorman of the “CBS Evening News,” Walter Cronkite — who died Friday at age 92 after a period of failing health, family members said — not only narrated a tumultuous era in American life, but presided over the instant that television achieved its thunderbolt potential to be the most powerful communication tool in history.

That defining moment unfolded Nov. 22, 1963, after Cronkite was drawn to the urgent, five-bell summons of the United Press International ticker in the CBS newsroom: Shots had been fired at the motorcade of President John F. Kennedy.

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Walter Cronkite announces death of JFK

March 27, 2009

Walter Cronkite announcing the death of JFK on November 22, 1963.

R.I.P. Walter Cronkite
(November 4, 1916 – July 17, 2009)
CBS News Anchor (April 16, 1962 – March 6, 1981)
A true professional in his field…he will be missed.

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1968 King Assassination Report (CBS News)

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