Bernie Sanders takes on Jim Inhofe: Global Warming is Real + Richard Muller: Humans are almost entirely the cause

Dandelion Salad

by Bernie Sanders
July 30, 2012

Neighbor's Trees on July 10, 2012

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

In a summer of record heat, severe drought, extreme storms, melting glaciers and raging wildfires, Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday challenged claims by a leading Republican senator who dismisses global warming as a “hoax.” Sanders rebutted what he called “myths” espoused by Sen. James Inhofe, the ranking Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. “Many who take climate science seriously dismiss Sen. Inhofe. I believe that is a huge mistake,” Sanders said of the Senate panel’s former chairman. “For better or worse, when Sen. Inhofe speaks, the Republican Party follows.  And when the Republican Party follows, it is impossible to get real work done in the Congress.”

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