I Dreamed I Saw Casey Sheehan Last Night–to the tune of Joe Hill (author unknown) by Cindy Sheehan

by Cindy Sheehan
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Dandelion Salad
Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox Blog
Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox
Dec. 19, 2009

I dreamed I saw Casey Sheehan last night
alive as you and me
Says I, “But Casey, you’re two years dead,”
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Exclusive: The Slow Demise of Social Security by Gary Sudborough

by Gary Sudborough
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Dandelion Salad
Aug 30, 2009

Capitalism Kills

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

It has been often claimed that Social Security was the third rail of American politics. No one dared touch it because it affected old people so much and their wrath was something not to be desired. Tip O’Neill, the Speaker of the House for many years, coined the phrase when he was fighting Ronald Reagan’s attempts to privatize Social Security. Well, they are touching it in a big way now and making many American seniors a lot poorer, although in a camouflaged way. They have frozen cost of living increases for two years and are increasing the amounts taken out of checks for Part B and Part D of Medicare. If one is already down at the $700 to $800 dollar a month range in monthly Social Security checks, this puts one, after rent and medicine are paid, down at the hay eating level. It reminds me of the old Joe Hill song: “Work and pray, Live on hay, You’ll get pie in the sky when you die, That’s a lie.”

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