Whistle-Blowers: A Conversation with Ellsberg and Dean (2009)


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The Cheney-Libby lies and memory loss about Wilson, Plame, everything

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Hardball-Isikoff &  Corn – The Cheney-Libby lies and memory loss about Wilson, Plame, everything

November 02, 2009

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The Ed Show – David Shuster cuts through the Cheney-Libby ‘memory issue’ muck

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Olbermann: FISA + Cheney’s Power Grab + GOP Debate + SCHIP + Worst Person (videos)

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Keith is back with more on the attemp… Keith is back with more on the attempts by Congress to pass a workable FISA law. To be honest, I’m not too enamored of the reworked law as I still think it gives Bush too much power to act as King Shrub the First. But it is an improvement and I guess some improvement at this time is better than none. But again, the whole point is moot because as usual, the most unpopular president in the history of this country wants it his way or no way at all so he can please his nutty screwed up goose stepping base who love the idea of a monarchy and think the idea of a Constitution and Bill of Rights is just a plain silly.

Also, Bush wants to give retro acitve immunity from lawsuits to the telecoms, you know just in case they violated some of those rights of American Citizens that Bush’s nincompoopy followers care so little about. Howard Fineman from Newsweek joins Keith Olbermann.

Through a good portion of his political life, Dick Cheney has always believed that the presidency should be all powerful with perhaps Congress being nothing more than a cheerleading section. (Sort of like what they were when it was controlled by Republicans, and through filibusters the Republicans hope to keep it that way.) John Dean joins Keith to look back over the history of the Dick Cheney power grab and the why and how it happened. Hint: The plan was always there, 9/11 gave him the tools to implement it.

(Keith says this is the first in a series of television adaptations of themes in Dean’s book. I hope so.)

Keith and guest Chris Cilizza go over much of what was said at the Republican Debate yesterday including McCain’s Iran moment. Basically all they really needed to say was, “same old same old. Republicans get together to see who can regurgitate the most talking points to satisfy the Repugnicans Looney Tunes Base. That’s all folks!

Okay, here it is. Don’t ask me to control my anger because I just can’t do it anymore. Again we have another case of the Neonuts Repugnicons attacking the messenger instead of the message because they have nothing to attack that message with when 70 percent of us approve of that message. Trashing John Kerry’s service record wasn’t enough, Limbaugh trashing a victim of Parkinson’s disease, trashing the widows of 9/11 wasn’t enough, O’Reilly trashing a kidnap victim wasn’t enough, trashing our service men and women wasn’t enough, now they find it necessary to totally trash a twelve year old boy who did nothing but tell Americans how a medical program, Schip, saved his life. And they do it because they know that 70 percent of Americans are on the side of that twelve year old boy and there is nothing they can do to alter that. Yes, Rush Limpbutt and Michelle “I Love Internement Camps” Malkin have found it necessary to harass and attack with as much venom as possible a twelve year old kid whose life was saved by the Schip. And they did all of this with the help of Mitch McConnell of Kentucky who never met an insurance company or pharamceutical company donation he didn’t like. I sometimes believe these people subscribe to the Dickens Line that those who can’t afford medical care should just die and decrease the surplus population. They have even gone so far as to publish this kid’s home address on the internet.

When will it stop. It never will until those 70 percent of us stand up and say that enough is enough.

This is the reason I delete so many Republican comments. After reading comment after comment by them attacking the messenger instead of commenting on the message, I finally decided I have had it. Let them stick their head up the anchors of Fox New’s butt if being stupid and ignorant truly makes them happy.

Michelle, Rush, and their followers have now proved themselves to be the sickest part of our society. They are the bottom feeders.

Rachael: Maddow: “Twelve year old Graeme Frost, meet Cindy Sheehan, meet 9/11 widows, meet Staff Sgt. Brian McGough, meet Michael J. Fox, meet the kids who were targeted by Mark Foley, meet Jack Murtha. I mean, Graeme Frost as a twelve year old now joins an esteemed list of Americans who have been personally attacked, personally slimed, called liars and cowards and frauds, and threatened for daring to publicly espouse a view that the right disagrees with. I mean, just when you think you’ve found the person who they can’t possibly slime, I don’t know, say a twelve year old kid just out of a coma, turns out yeah, the bar does actually go that low, it’s just astonishing.”

Keeping Tabs is included at the end of this segment.

Worst persons:

Bronze – Lou Dobbs, another one who is talking crap about flag lapel pins.

Silver: Fixed News, who have started some crap about war on Religion on Air America. They also used pictures of Jeanine Garafolo and Al Franken who don’t even work at Air America anymore.

The winner: Billo, who said that because Chris Matthews said something about criminality in the White House, said that MSNBC was in the hip pocket of a political organization. Keith hits this one out of the park, and I laughed for a good minute.

Final segment is on Keifer Sutherland, who’ll be spending some time in the pokey. And I left a few minutes of Dan Abrams commentary on at the end.


Tucker: Ron Paul (video)

Olbermann: Torture + Rush; Maddow + Craig + Worst (videos)


Here we go boys and girls. It’s tort… Here we go boys and girls. It’s torture, torture, torture in this first segment of tonights Countdown Show.

Our government denies doing it, said we didn’t do it, then the truth wills out as usual of course and we find out we did even more torture than most people thought we did, that Bush and Fredo lied about it even more. In the first half of this segment John Dean joins Keith to discuss justifying torture in the DEPARTMENT OF JUST US.

Part two of Keith’s opening segment on torture and the Bush administration. Is there anything at all that can be done to stop the outlaw Bush administration? Neal Katval, who was the lead counsel in the case of Hamdam vs. Rumsfeld in which he won an appeal to the Supreme Court, stops by to discuss.

Hell no! I won’t go! Is that an old anti-war protest? Nope. It’s the new motto of Senator Larry Craig who after a judge refused to overturn his conviction, decided he’d hang around for a couple of more years after all. Larry Craig is the gift that keeps on giving. Chris Cillizza from the Washington Post joins Keith.

In this segment, Keith and Rachael show how Rush continues to change the facts so that his listeners won’t be disturbed by what the truth is. To be a Rush listener, you have to believe that everything Rush says is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. In reality, it is generally everything but the truth.

No matter how much evidence you have to the contrary, a Rush Limbaugh dumbohead will ignore all the facts because those facts would interfere with their Limbaugh Radio Utopia type world they live in.

As Keith and Rachael Maddow point out those listeners who tune in to Limbaugh, need the big lie to justify themselves. Don’t ever expect them to want the truth. It is pointless to argue with them, to discuss anything with them, when two words are missing from their vocabulary – facts and reality.

Another example today: Rush invites votevets to buy an ad on his show so that his listeners will think he is being fair. Meanwhile, what he doesn’t tell his listeners but already knows is that his station bosses have already nixed that idea. Therefore, they can go away still believing in the fairness of all things that happen in Fatsoland.

It is the same reason why they will only accept Rush’s edited account of what he said on his program in regards to phony soldiers and Army Staff Sgt. Brian Mcgough. For them, the edited version with a minute and thirty five seconds cut out is the real account, no matter how many times you play what actually went out over the air waves. Then again, I imagine that there are still people who really do believe that Nixon’s Secretary Rosemary Woods really did accidentally erase those tapes.

It is the same principle regarding what Limpbottom has said in regard to phony soldiers and Army Staff Sgt. Brian Mcgough. No matter how many times you confront them with the original complete broadcast, the only truth they will accept is the Limbaugh edited version, which changes the context of what he really said.

heathr234 And the winner is…the Republican Na…

And the winner is…the Republican National Committee for its new logo.