Polish President Lech Kaczynski dies in plane crash in Western Russia


My sympathies and condolences to all.


April 10, 2010 —
A plane carrying the President of Poland, and his wife, has crashed in Western Russia. Russian officials say the plane was carrying 132 people, including Lech Kaczynski. The governor of Smolensk says no one survived. He’s quoted as saying “the aircraft clipped the tops of the trees, crashed down and broke into pieces.” It happened on approach to a small regional airport, around 300 metres from the runway. The mobile phones of everyone who was with President Kaczynski are no longer working. He was heading for a personal visit to the memorial site where Polish officers were murdered during World War Two. The head of Poland’s central bank, the deputy Foreign Minister and the Army Chief of Staff are among others reported to have been on board. Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered the creation of a state investigation commission headed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. More details as we get them, right here on RT.

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