Ocean: An Illustrated Atlas, book review by Lo

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by Lo
December 6, 2008

“…all land masses are essentially islands on a planet dominated by water, and — perhaps most significantly — there is but one ocean.” page 282

An Illustrated Atlas

Ocean: An Illustrated Atlas is guaranteed to heal one’s short attention span.  Open it to any page and pour over the maps, diagrams, illustrations and photographs.   Published by National Geographic, you know it’s a going to be informative and have the highest quality of photographs.

However it is more than an atlas, as it has the ocean’s past, present and future within its pages in countless articles throughout. Authors Sylvia A. Earle and Linda K. Glover traveled the world exploring the depths of the Earth’s oceans, the last frontier.

The ocean is the planet’s circulatory system, it is in harmony with the planet’s atmosphere which is also a fluid body. Within the body of our planetary ocean lies the bulk of our planet’s life forms.

Learning about the oceans of the world gives us a greater appreciation for all that it gives us in life.  We will need to take better care of our oceans for our own survival and that of all the other animals and plants of the world.

This magnificent and comprehensive book belongs in the personal libraries of those with a genuine concern for our planet. Please consider purchasing this for your child or grandchild’s classroom or school library.  It is a wonderful resource book to be shared.



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