Suicide by Soda: The Dangers of Aspartame By William Mac + Aspartame: Sweet Misery A Poisoned World

By William Mac
This Week in Time
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April 11, 2008

Most people know that sodas are bad for health, but sodas aren’t THAT bad, right? If they were incredibly bad for us, then companies wouldn’t be able to sell the product. Besides, what does a company have to gain when the bulk of its clientèle croak? According to Dr. Betty Martini and a number of other doctors throughout the world, we as consumers should stop being so trusting of our token higher ups (corporations, FDA, CDC), especially when the dangerous neurotoxin Aspartame is included within hundreds of thousands of products that we guzzle down our gullets every day.

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William Shoots Himself in The Head & Goes For Steak by William Mac

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This Week in Time

By William Mac
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March 20, 2008

This Week in Time has been all about weird science.

Apparently, Scotland Yard thinks it’s a great idea to start storing DNA from children as young as five so they can find out if they will become criminals later on in life.

It’s such a great idea, in fact, that William Mac shoots himself in the head. But, since the government took all his real guns, he goes for a steak instead.


Put young children on DNA list, urge UK police

Only The State Can Teach Children Correctly By William Mac

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This Week in Time has been all about the race to brainwash American children.William Mac talks about the struggle between courts and parents of home schoolers trying to maintain the right to educate their children at home as well as the new experiments in New York schools where kids are being rewarded cash for good test scores.William Mac asks, “what ever happened to gold stars or smiley face stickers?” Continue reading

Mandatory Flu Vaccines & Anthrax by William Mac

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This Week in Time

Mandatory Flu Vaccines And Anthrax

This Week in Time is all about… fuck it. Just watch.

William Mac reads the newspaper and then comments on “Flu Shots Advised For Kids up to 18” in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

He then remarks upon the forced mandatory Anthrax vaccines for military personnel just approved by a Federal Judge, despite the fact that the FDA has, over a couple of decades, continued to find the vaccine dangerous and ineffective.

Check out the blog for more on the Anthrax decision:

Anthrax Vaccine — Law, Not Choice

This Week In Time

By William Mac
This Week in Time

featured writer
Dandelion Salad
March 4, 2008

It’s safe to say that almost everyone in the United States remembers the brief and unexplained Anthrax attacks that occurred shortly after 9/11. Although there is much controversy surrounding the event, what we do know is that Anthrax is something that no every day pipe-bomb fanatic can produce. It takes a highly skilled professional with access to a variety of different kinds of lab equipment to actually produce various strings of Anthrax. It takes money, it takes credentials and it takes authority. However, I will not go into detail about this during this particular blog, but I will point out that Anthrax in a widespread bio-weapon attack will take tons of money, tons of time, tons of professional know-how and plenty of creativity. Otherwise, it is virtually impossible.

Another thing is that Anthrax can be absorbed through the skin as well as through the nostrils. There is virtually no way to prevent sickness in either case. But, even so, the new vaccine recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has become mandatory for all military personnel.

By all accounts, if an Anthrax vaccine actually prevents an individual from getting the “bug” then I would be all for it. The only thing is that I believe the Anthrax vaccine to be more harmful than any potential threat of Anthrax, especially when its use becomes mandatory.

This vaccine’s mandatory use has actually been being battled for quite sometime, as far back as the middle 80s in fact.

Judge Rosemary M. Collyer says that the FDA acted appropriately when it found the Anthrax vaccine to be safe. She approved its mandatory use. But, she dismissed a lawsuit by military officials who argue that the drug is unproven and the scientific data unsound, which it is.

James Turner, a Washington, DC attorney has pushed for the vaccine to be ruled as a Class II dangerous drug. Back in 1985 the FDA recognized that this same vaccine was not safe or effective against inhaled anthrax. However, still during that time, the then acting FDA Commissioner Michael Friedman told the military to go ahead and use it – basically, to experiment.

Despite years of battling this vaccine’s mandatory use and despite countless allegations that the information of its effectiveness, usefulness and safety is unfounded, Federal judge Rosemary M. Collyer says, “the court will not substitute its own judgment when the FDA made no clear error of judgment.”

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman even went so far as to state, “we owe it to our service members to give them every possible protection,” by explaining that, “force protection is the number one priority in the Defense Department and Anthrax inoculation program is an important force-protection measure.”

Yet, the eight military officials combating this vaccine’s mandatory use are not opposed to “every possible protection”, they’re simply opposed to mandatory protection. They want the vaccine to be optional, which by all logical reasoning should be a no-brainer.

The plaintiffs’ attorney, Mark Zaid, says that the FDA relied on outdated studies that didn’t prove the vaccine is safe or effective against inhaled anthrax. He also stated, “It would appear the court has condoned an agency’s manipulation of decades-old data to support a present-day policy objective.” Mark Zaid will immediately appeal the decision.

The main issue here isn’t so much safety, but choice. It is incomprehensible to me as to why anyone, civilian or military, should be forced to have a vaccination of any kind, especially considering the dangers that come with vaccinations and, even more especially, the dangers that may come with a vaccination such as this, which does not seem to have been thoroughly proven effective or safe in the least.

The worst part is that the Homeland Security Force now wishes to make the vaccine available to the entire population. Will that, too, become mandatory? Yikes.

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Racism & Police Brutality Cluster Fuck By William Mac (+ video)

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February 05, 2008

This Week in Time has been all about Police Brutality and Racism. William Mac explains two outstanding examples of Police Brutality and racism that took place in Ohio and explains why these incidents are not, in any way, rare.

Read more on the blog at the following URL:… (no longer available)

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Liberty Does Not Mean Security by William Mac


This Week in Time

By William Mac
This Week in Time

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We are led to believe that, through legislations such as The Real ID act, Patriot Act and Protect America Act as well as President Bush’s claims that Iran is a threat to our security is supposed to keep us safe. We are led to believe that these legislations and claims are patriotic (hence the names). However, you will never be safe, the security you feel you have is only an illusion. Yet, in light of this, it doesn’t make any sense to give up your liberty and freedom under the illusion of security. Liberty can, was, and will remain a truth – a tangible fact. Fight for Liberty and stop giving it up for false security.

In this week’s episode I attempt to illustrate how Liberty and freedom are not easy to live with. It forces men and women to constantly be on their toes, to fight hard and to be self-sufficient. After all, Liberty is the essence of privacy and self-sufficiency.

I’m sure that all have met that sheltered child sometime in our life thus far. You know the one. His/her mother dresses him, makes him go to bed at 8:00 PM every night, doesn’t let him watch the TV shows or movies everyone else gets to watch, doesn’t get to cross the street, doesn’t get to go Trick or Treating, doesn’t get to drive a car, doesn’t get to eat candy or fast food, doesn’t get to go to parties or get-togethers,

That child is usually not a happy one and his/her parents are often referred to as “over protective”. They are afraid that their child will become corrupt, become injured or become killed and the fear consumes them.

Why let the government do these same things to us? Better yet, why ask for it?

Life is full of danger – Liberty is dangerous. You will never be safe. You are always in danger of terrorism either from abroad or from within. You are always in danger of dying at any time – nothing on earth will be able to save you from what – not your nice neighbors or neighborhood watch, not gun control, not police, not microchip trackers or Real Ids or the War on Terror, not tags, not security cameras, not jails, not police, not your gated houses – nothing.

You can eat all of the right foods and stay away from drinking and smoking, but you’ll never live forever and will always be under the threat of sickness virus and cancer. You can be raped, murdered, robbed and tortured – nothing will ever change that.

The only security you have is the faith in the illusion thereof. Just like your money has no value except for people’s belief in what its value is, so is your false hope of security.

It makes no sense to give up our freedoms while we are alive so that we can enjoy this false sense that security is protecting us. You may be less assessable to attack if you are tagged and caged and monitored – it’s true – but you’ll still be tagged and caged nonetheless.

The primary thing that makes life worth living is our ability to live through it freely and to struggle to maintain that freedom. It is our ability to be private, to have rights and to exercise the use thereof. It is the freedom to protect ourselves and remain self-sufficient – it is Liberty.

I am reminded from the book of Job in the Bible – chapter 3 verse 25 – when Job laments,

“For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me”.

Job lived his life fearing only one thing – that his children would die. It was the only thing he was afraid of. And yet, what he feared the most was thrust upon him.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe this to be a universal fact – that which we greatly fear will always come upon us. So… fear nothing and be free in the peace the lack of it brings.

Thomas Jefferson, in my opinion, was one of the wisest and most grounded of all the founding fathers of his time. I quote him often because I believe his words to be timeless and applicable in a variety of current situations. Here are a few thoughts Jefferson had on Liberty, quoted from various letters he sent over the years:

“The natural progress of things is for Liberty to yield, and government to gain ground”

“I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much Liberty than those attending too small a degree of it”

“Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the boisterous sea of Liberty”

“The boisterous sea of Liberty indeed is never without a wave”

I would also like to provide some Jefferson quotes regarding the Bush administration’s fuck-ups with foreign relations, especially concerning his unfounded threats and warnings on Iran whilst he entangles himself with other even less favorable alliances throughout the globe:

“We certainly cannot deny other nations that principle whereon our own government is founded, that every nation has the right to govern itself internally under what form it pleases, and to change these forms at its own will: and externally to transact business with other nations through whatever organ it chooses, whether that be a king, convention, assembly, committee, president, or whatever it be. The only thing essential is the will of the nation”

“As to everything except commerce, we ought to divorce ourselves from them [nations] all”

“Commerce with all nations, alliance with none should be our motto”

“Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none”

“Unmeddlling with the affairs of other nations, we presume not to prescribe or censure their course. Happy, could we be permitted to pursue our own in peace, and to employ all our means in improving the condition of our citizens”

“Not in our day, but at no distant one, we may shake a rod over the heads of all, which may make the stoutest of them tremble. But I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us, that the less we use our power, the greater it will be”


Institutionalized Spying on Americans by Stephen Lendman

Police State America – A Look Back and Ahead by Stephen Lendman

Homeland Security to press ahead with Real ID by Anne Broache

Prisoners ‘to be chipped like dogs’ by Brian Brady



Police State

Patriot Act

Child Sex Trafficking by William Mac (video no longer available)

Dandelion Salad

Video is no longer available.


This Week in Time

William Mac interviews Dan Homrich of Innocence Atlanta. Dan Homrich talks about the global child sex trafficking trade and how it pertains to the United States.

January 02, 2008

see more from This Week In Time: [articles no longer available.]

Promise of Better Life in U.S. Can Lead to Sex Slavery

Understanding Child Sex Trafficking

Scratching Under The Surface by William Mac (video)

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This Week in Time

This Week in Time from Tuesday December 11 to Monday December 17 has been all about scratching under the surface.

William Mac talks about the negotiations between the U.S. and the United Nations concerning Global Warming negotiations. Why cut our emissions? Global Warming isn’t caused by greenhouse gases. Say what? That’s right, screw the environmentalists in the U.N for that one.

William Mac also scratches under the surface of the telecommunications companies debacle going on in the Senate. NO IMMUNITY! Hold them accountable. Maybe then, next time, companies will be more apt to say “Maybe you should get this approved by congress before we help you spy on millions of Americans illegally”. What a weird idea!

Plus, kids SHOULD be allowed to play dodge ball! It builds character.
Added: December 19, 2007

Does anybody care if Bangladesh drowns? + Who cares if the world drowns? (videos)

How It All Ends (Global Warming; video; links)

Utterly Bushisms Galore – Stirring Iran – CIA Lies? No Way! (video) + Iran is like the Honey Bees by Wm Mac

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This Week in Time

This week in time from December 4th to December 11th has been all about confusion.

William Mac continues talking about the Bush administration’s overall silliness with Iran, and wonders why we keep talking about them so much without even trying to talk TO them. William Mac illustrates this by saying “completely and utterly” like 50 times. Also, a lot of countries have nuclear weapons, and William Mac feels fine.

CIA destroyed interrogation tapes — big surprise. Not really. CIA is private and corrupt, we get it. Stop getting in a big pissy mood about it and start getting educated and start taking action.

NOTE: Intelligence report on Iran says it stopped nuclear weapons program in 2003, not 2005. William fucked up. BOO William!

Added: December 12, 2007


Iran is like the Honey Bees

By William Mac
This Week in Time

featured writer
Dandelion Salad

December 12, 2007

The administration keeps saying we won’t negotiate with Iran and that they’re dangerous. An intelligence Report says maybe they’re not. Israel says they are developing a nuclear weapon. I figure it isn’t smart to throw rocks at a Bee’s nest either way…

Last week we told you about the fact that a new intelligence report came out that stated Iran had halted its nuclear weapons program years ago. Just a day later President Bush basically says that this same report confirms Iran is a threat.

Bush stated that the new assessment underscored the need to intensify international efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, even though the support suggests that they are, in fact, not doing that.

Bush said, “Iran cannot be entrusted to acquire even the scientific knowledge to enrich uranium for peaceful civilian use” during the same press conference. Is Bush afraid of Iran using nuclear weapons? Or is he afraid of enriched uranium for peaceful civilian use? Let’s find out!

“Look,” Bush continued, “Iran was dangerous, Iran is dangerous and Iran will be dangerous if they have the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon”

Now I’m just plain confused. Apparently Iran was and is dangerous… but will also BE dangerous? I thought it was dangerous already. Also, Iran can’t use enriched uranium technology for peaceful civilian use – which doesn’t seem dangerous to me, on the contrary I would think it “peaceful” – but it is also trying to make a nuclear weapon, but maybe not because of an intelligence report – or – er – uh – I give up.

By and by, I would figure we could live with a nuclear-armed Iran as well as one with useful enriched uranium for peaceful civilian use. So, I’m not worried about it in the least. Why is everyone else worried? Why is Iran such a HUGE threat? Why is it all over the news? What’s the big idea?

I seem to remember a few countries that already have developed nuclear weapons and have tested them such as North Korea – an outspoken enemy of the United States with a huge grudge, crazy midget dictator, and staggeringly brain-washed civilization. If anything, I would think countries like that would be getting press and should be worried about. However… all I hear about is Iran, which has done nothing.

Hell, even though North Korea has nuclear weapons, I still feel fine. And maybe because we’re not bothering them at all, or talking about them on the news without actually trying to make any kind of common sense, civil diplomatic gesture instead – then North Korea isn’t bothering us back.

Yet, Bush and many others are talking shit about Iran, hurling rocks and insults over borders and bodies of water, but Bush has not yet tried to negotiate Iran’s security, legitimacy of the Islamic Republic, and its place in the regional order at all. No, Bush has only talked shit and done nothing but threaten war and international scrutiny without even speaking to Ahmadinejad.

Think of Iran as a Bee’s nest. You leave them alone and they leave you alone. Yeah, they’re making honey, taking pollen, and stinging a few people no doubt, but all in all they’re out of everyone’s hair. Does it really make any kind of reasonable sense to start throwing rocks at the Bee’s nest? Last time I checked, you’ll get stung.

So let Iran make its honey if it wants, just leave it alone, be nice, and wear a bee suit. I sure as hell don’t want to be around if and when Iran develops nuclear weapons and we’re still talking smack, throwing rocks and sticking our tongues out. No sir, I surely don’t want to be around then.


Bombed if you do, Bombed if you Don’t By Ron Paul

The Anti-Empire Report by William Blum (NIE; Chavez; Iraq; Conspiracies)

Kucinich calls for Congressional investigation of NIE handling



Screw You Sudan! Also, No Nukes in Iran — Attack!! by William Mac (video)

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This Week in Time

December 05, 2007

This week in time from November 26th to December 3rd has been all about over-reactions.

Screw Muslim religious fanatics in Sudan who want to murder Gillian Gibbons on account of Muhammad the teddy bear.

Also, Iran isn’t planning on developing weapons of mass destruction, but hey, why let that side-track us? Let’s attack them anyway! Woo hoo!

Get Educated: On The Road, Jack Kerouac by William Mac (video)

NPR Iowa Public Radio Democratic Debate (audio link) + Iran Sparks Fireworks

Seymour Hersh: Bush Admin Has Known of Iran Intel All Year (video)

Kucinich: New NIE Report Shows Bush Administration Has Once Again Tried To Falsify Grounds For A War With Iran

A Miracle: Honest Intel on Iran Nukes By Ray McGovern

Gold and Economic Freedom — Much Adieu About the Fed by William Mac (video)

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William Mac brings to your attention “Gold and Economic Freedom” by Allen Greenspan — a four page essay first published in 1966.

This was brought to William Mac’s attention from a viewer named Individualliberty on YouTube.

Yet, since William Mac isn’t a suitable authority to provide a concrete answer as to whether or not the re-establishment of the Gold Standard really is going to work, he wants YOUR help.

Record your own videos and thoughts. Help to teach each other.

Read the essay for yourself at and then submit your videos and ideas for discussion on the new forum.

William can’t wait to learn something from all of you.


Exclusive: Maybe Ron Paul Supporters Are “Paultards” By William Mac

Exclusive: Maybe Ron Paul Supporters Are “Paultards” By William Mac

This Week In Time

By William Mac
This Week in Time

featured writer
Dandelion Salad

November 27, 2007

Maybe Ron Paul Supporters Are “Paultards”

At first I could not understand how people could possibly ridicule Ron Paul supporters. Never mind political affiliation of party or presidential candidate, there is no use in verbally flogging the supporters. As a Ron Paul supporter myself, I personally took this as an insult. They even came up with a name for it and I began seeing it circulated time and time again throughout the blogosphere – “Paultards”. Man, what a cheap shot; right below the belt. Don’t you have anything better to do? Why get pissed at Ron Paul supporters AND call us retarded at the same time? Unfortunately, as the wheels keep on turning and as time keeps on ticking, I might just have to agree that a lot of Ron Paul supporters are just plain Paultarded.

If simply reading that causes your blood pressure to rise and your knuckles to crunch white then you’re probably Paultarded. If you now feel the insatiable need to retort in complete anger – you’re a Paultard. Hey, don’t blame me. Blame yourself. After all, I’m not the Paultard, you are. It’s kind of catchy too. It just rolls off the tongue. P-a-u-l-t-a-r-d.

No, I haven’t stopped supporting Ron Paul and I haven’t succumbed to negative peer-blog pressure. I have simply come to the realization that my candidate of choice has been misrepresented by a lot of overly emotional and blindingly passionate zealots who have no real rhyme or reason, nonetheless understanding of exactly why they are pushing the Ron Paul ticket so vehemently in the faces of unsuspecting innocent bystanders.

A few days ago a friend of mine that lives in the downtown area of Atlanta, Georgia called me on the phone and asked — as if to be reassured — if I was indeed a Ron Paul supporter. I answered that yes, I indeed am a Ron Paul supporter. She began to ask me a few questions about Ron Paul and his policies as well as his personal opinions about certain social and moral issues, all of which I answered easily (I am a supporter after all). After the strange Q & A session ended she then exclaimed over the phone “well why in the hell didn’t the other supporters just say that?” Good question.

Apparently what had happened is that my friend encountered a group of very loud and emotional white-shoed college kids with Ron Paul signs. They were handing out brochures labeled “50 Reasons to Vote for Ron Paul”. My friend proceeded to quiz them as to the reason why they were supporting ol’ Ron just as she did with me over the phone afterwards. Yet, instead of yielding any kind of logical answers, the so-called Ron Paul supporters simply threw out responses like “he’s for America” or “like, he is totally all about America and stuff, like he believes in what America is all about.” I don’t know about you, but I figure that’s a pretty uneducated way to respond to questions about a man’s character, policies and political platform. Basically, my poor unsuspecting friend had encountered a cultish mob of Paultards. They ARE real! Scary.

If the responses weren’t bad enough, she read me some of the 50 Reasons to Vote for Ron Paul. Three of them were “He isn’t married to Hillary Clinton”, “Hillary Clinton isn’t his wife” and “He’s been married for over 50 years, and not to Hillary Clinton”. I cringed. I buried my head into my hands and shook my skull around wildly just trying to understand the lunacy of it all. I did not succeed.

According to the Internet demographic data of Ron Paul supporters is primarily made up of the 18 – 24-year old age range. Although I am 21-years old myself, this is actually my worst nightmare. This means college kids. You can call me a pompous stereotype-spewing prick, but I just can’t stand most college kids. I think they’re overly idealistic, needlessly emotional, pseudo-intellectual brats looking for any kind of spark or reason to feel as if they are doing something acceptable by the café coffee crowd standards of false Bohemia and stupid 60’s hippy cult movies (not the good ones either like “Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!” or “Head”).

Now I understand. There is a massive cult-like Paultard uprising effectively soiling the good name of my respected chosen candidate. These chronic masturbators flood the streets with homemade signs and bumper stickers scaring away logical voters whilst recruiting other lost youth with low self-esteem to the Ron Paul doctrine. I would not be surprised if they hold rituals and sacrifices in front of a wall of campaign buttons within their dormitories in between spamming YouTube channels, blogs and online polls.

It isn’t just the lack of rhetorical skills that make these Paultards … well, Paultarded; it is also their completely vapid reasons for supporting the man in the first place. They have no real idea as to why they’re supporting Ron Paul so passionately. I figure they’re caught up in some kind of existential popularity high.

Because of these Paultards, those of us with real knowledge and reasons for supporting have become laughing stocks among many various political opinion pockets throughout the Internet. We’ve been labeled and weighed and found knowledgeably dead concerning such arbitrary issues a facts, reasons, understanding and purpose for our passionate support of Doctor Ron Paul and as much as I dislike being lumped into the pile, I just can’t bring myself to blame the tomato tossers.

The worst thing that I’ve noticed is that a lot of Paultards seem to have entirely missed the point of Ron Paul’s message from the beginning. They look to the man as a demi-god and speak of him as though he will save us all from evil big government when and if elected. Yet, the reason I’m a Ron Paul supporter is because I want someone in the White House fighting to restore my power and my opinion within government. I’m a supporter because I see Ron Paul as a consistent, transparent and virtually non-self-interested candidate who will fight harder to help me regain my rightful influence within government instead of promising to change everything himself. I see him as someone that will allow the people a little more elbow-room and hand us a mega-phone so we won’t have to try so goddamned hard to be heard. These Paultards seem to think Ron Paul is going to do it all for them – the exact opposite of the man’s political platform.

I want to know if these poor young delusional souls have considered the fact that they are voting for a candidate that supports small government. I wonder if they understand that this means they will have to take care of themselves. They will have to be educated and fight a little harder to get things done. I wonder why they support a man who wants to abolish the IRS and Income Tax if they probably don’t even understand how our tax system works. They probably have never even had to deal with the IRS or bills beyond their cell phones, car insurance and college tuition. Are they really prepared to take the reigns as American citizens? Are they really prepared for the inevitable uncomfortability that will come with self-sufficiency? Do they really grasp the fact that they are supporting a man who wants to withdraw Federal Government’s constant pampering? I’m pretty sure the answer is no.

I researched all the candidates before finding my main squeeze, and I have several that I have decided to fall back on as great choices if Ron Paul drops out or does not receive the GOP nomination, which is a very realistic situation. I know why I support Ron Paul and I research his policies. I don’t push my support on anyone and I don’t yell it at the top of my lungs and I certainly don’t think all that Ron Paul says is the word of god. Most of all, I do not consider Ron Paul a solution nor an end-all-be-all fix. I consider him honest, straightforward and transparent. Whether or not I agree with everything he says is beside the point, the point is that he seems like he’ll let you, me and we as Americans gain more sway and pull within the government. That is why I support Ron Paul; that is why I am not a Paultard. Sadly enough, many supporters are and that’s a black spot for the rest of us.

Know why you do what you do. Know whom you support. Just KNOW. If you don’t know, then you have no right to be a supporter. If you don’t know then you have no right to care – you’ll be doing more damage than good for any candidate if that is the case. We support, donate and vote not because we like the way a person looks or because we fall under the sway of how a candidate speaks or because we succumb to our friends’ whims. We support, donate and vote because we believe in our candidates only after researching and understanding all the candidate stands for. We do these things because we spent time and effort to be self-educated and because our research has led us to a candidate we see as the best fit for America and our personal socio-economic situation.

All is lost if supporting a candidate has truly transformed into nothing more than a whirlwind popularity race. Whatever candidate it is that you currently support, you better be able to answer intelligently all questions concerning the reason for your support, else what is the point? Stop being a tard and start being intelligent or we’re all doomed to be suckers.


On The Issues: Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul by Lo

Ron Paul- full list of Congressional votes (from 1.12.07 thru 5.24.07) (updated by Lo) (Note: there’s a link to see more recent votes on this post.)

Should You Be President? Take the Survey

Pick Your Candidate – Take the Survey

Gold and Economic Freedom — Much Adieu About the Fed by William Mac (video)



Giant Thanks! Education Solves All Problems. by William Mac (video)

Dandelion Salad


William Mac strays away from the normal This Week in Time format to thank his first two donors EVER, which encouraged Jon and William so much, that William decided to explain why in the hell This Week in Time was even started. Added: November 20, 2007

Get Educated: Emergency Sex by William Mac (video)

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William Mac perks up for a new installment of the popular Get Educated video segment.

This segment is about a book called “Emergency Sex (And Other Desperate Measures) — True Stories From a War Zone”
Written by:
Kenneth Cain
Heidi Postlewait
Andrew Thomson

It’s all about three people who became friends after joining the United Nations in the early 90s.

Enjoy the video, and get educated!