Can No Drama Obama Stare Down A Confederacy of Dunces? by Robert S. Becker + Network: Mad as Hell

By Robert S. Becker
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Sept. 16, 2009

Moderate voters are baffled, liberals are protesting, and progressives are despairing, “Obama’s a puny reform-change agent, hardly a good liberal, and no antidote to enduring Bush-Cheney crimes. The raving right can’t stand him, the activist left is up in arms, and the mushy center isn’t holding.” Yikes.

After my own bellyaching, I understand these outbursts, quipping this pragmatic, “devout non-ideologue” is tarnishing both pragmatism and devout non-ideology. How can “pragmatism,” work when devoutly allergic to risk-taking and inclined to “let’s make a deal” giveaways? Forget kinship with FDR or LBJ: here’s another naïve outsider Washington bullies pick on like the famed 90 lb. weakling. Without more chutzpah, Obama risks Clinton’s fate, set up as bulls-eye for every redneck pipsqueak brandishing his popgun? Obama’s vacant “yes, we can” call to now evokes for many Kris Kristofferson’s acerbic lyrics, “freedom’s just another name for nothing left to lose.” Could Professor David Michael Green possibly be right, “Eight months into it, it now seems pretty clear that the Obama Administration is finished”? So soon?

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