The Tide of Media Disinformation: Who is Behind the Military Insurrection in Libya?

by Marjaleena Repo
Global Research, March 2, 2011

We are facing soon another illegal war, an invasion to dismantle yet another country in “Western” i.e. U.S. interests.

Libya is the target nation this time, and already has “military advisers” from U.S., Britain and France, and perhaps also from Israel, on its soil. (See below).

Although genuine internal opposition to the regime exists, the Libyan “protesters” we see supported by a Western media frenzy are by and large a military force, now being trained and equipped by foreign powers who are intent on getting hold of Libyan oil to have it “privatized, i.e. to become foreign owned instead as it was nationalized by Gaddafi 40 years ago.

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