Chile’s Mapuche Conflict, by Yanis Iqbal

Marcha mapuche

Image by Tomás Flores Saavedra via Flickr

by Yanis Iqbal
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Aligarh, India
August 14, 2020

On 1 August, 2020, a group of civilians, in complicity with the Chilean national police force or the carabineros and right-wing hoodlums, violently attacked Mapuche community members who were on a hunger strike in front of the Municipality of Victoria, in Araucania. The attack was strategic, organized and preplanned with the occupied town halls of Ercilla and Traiguén also being attacked, Mapuche women and children being beaten and vehicles being set on fire.

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Chile’s Ghosts Are Not Being Rescued by John Pilger

by John Pilger
t r u t h o u t
Wednesday 13 October 2010

The rescue of 33 miners in Chile is an extraordinary drama filled with pathos and heroism. It is also a media windfall for the Chilean government, whose every beneficence is recorded by a forest of cameras. One cannot fail to be impressed. However, like all great media events, it is a facade.

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