Damn It Or Fear It, The Forbidden Truth Is An Insurrection in Britain by John Pilger


by John Pilger
Information Clearing House
August 19, 2011

Who do they truly represent

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On a warm spring day, strolling in south London, I heard demanding voices behind me. A police van disgorged a posse of six or more, who waved me aside. They surrounded a young black man who, like me, was ambling along. They appropriated him; they rifled his pockets, looked in his shoes, inspected his teeth. Their thuggery affirmed, they let him go with the barked warning there would be a next time.

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Riots in Britain: Back to the Future by William Bowles

by William Bowles
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
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10 August, 2011

Exactly thirty years ago Brixton exploded with rage against the de facto occupation of Brixton by the Met police. And, as I write this, all kinds of madness is going down in various parts of London and elsewhere. Continue reading

A Society In Denial Of The Burning Issues by Finian Cunningham

Tottenham riots

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by Finian Cunningham
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Dandelion Salad
9 August, 2011

Britain saw its third consecutive night of widespread burning of properties and looting as riot police failed to contain gangs of masked youths marauding several parts of the capital, London.

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“Libya recognizes London rebels as legitimate government of UK” + London’s Burning

Shop Fire

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Dandelion Salad

Title thanks to alargedog. 😉

Inside Story – London’s burning

 on Aug 9, 2011

Just what are Londoners rioting about?

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