Party Hack Moulitsas Threatens Kucinich by Sean Fenley + Moulitsas slams Kucinich on Countdown

by Sean Fenley
Dandelion Salad
The Anything and Everything
March 11, 2010

Perhaps Eric Massa’s been discredited at this point, but I did think that he was right in his assessment that Rahm Emanuel would essentially tie Massa’s children to railroad tracks in order to whip up a vote in Rahm’s favor. Moulitsas and Emanuel, in this observer’s humble opinion, are undoubtedly birds of a feather. Anyone standing in front of the way of the gift to the health insurance near monopolies, is as good as cannon fodder. Is Moulitsas at the trough of largess that the health insurance industry doles out to buy their allegiance in Washington? With no discernible presence of investigative journalism in this country that can be difficult to establish; but what is clear, however, is how the shills for the corporatocracy close ranks, when the corporatist agenda is contested.

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