Explosions At Boston Marathon

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My condolences to the families of those killed and all who have been injured.


Image by hahatango via Flickr

RussiaTodayApr 15, 2013

 At least two people are dead following a pair of explosions in Boston, Massachusetts where thousands of runners are participating in the annual Boston Marathon. Local media report over 100 people have been injured as well.

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Occupy the Neighborhood: How Counties Can Use Land Banks and Eminent Domain by Ellen Brown

by Ellen Brown
Featured Writer
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January 15, 2012

An electronic database called MERS has created defects in the chain of title to over half the homes in America. Counties have been cheated out of millions of dollars in recording fees, and their title records are in hopeless disarray. Meanwhile, foreclosed and abandoned homes are blighting neighborhoods. Straightening out the records and restoring the homes to occupancy is clearly in the public interest, and the burden is on local government to do it. But how? New legal developments are presenting some innovative alternatives.

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