Joyous Treason: We Don’t Need Anymore Reasons By Maxwell Black

Dandelion Salad

Sent to me by the author, Maxwell Black.

By Maxwell Black
Sept 24, 2008

To the broken hearted

A Spectre is haunting America…

Sitting at a bar in Reno I’ve never been to, a person sat next to me and hunched over to sink into their drink. Feeling a little lonely myself I struck up some conversation. The whiskey soon took hold and we were telling our stories and having some laughs. But as these things often go what goes up must come down. Soon enough my new friend was telling me about their troubles, frustrations and set-backs. Somehow becoming simultaneously more animated and exhausted in mannerism they blurted out, “It all just seems rigged, no matter how hard I try things never work out. Continue reading