His Master’s Voice By William Bowles

By William Bowles
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
6 February, 2011

No Mobarak - Egypt Uprising protest Melbourne ...

Image by Takver via Flickr

On the 5 February, the New York Times published a piece entitled ‘West Backs Gradual Egyptian Transition‘ that illustrates exactly how the media and the state collude in presenting the imperial line.

Effectively, it’s a distillation of the corporate state’s changing public response to the Egyptian insurrection as presented by one of its leading mouthpieces, the New York Times and it doesn’t beat about the obamabush in telling it like it is.

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Netanyahu: Our lesson from the Holocaust is that threats to our existence must be nipped in the bud

Propaganda Alert
compiled by Cem Ertür
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
28 August 2009

This week, the leaders of Israel, UK, Germany and US launched yet another joint propaganda campaign against Iran. The aim is to get the UN Security Council to impose “crippling sanctions” on Iran, a step that would ultimately facilitate their next brutal invasion.

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Obama & Merkel visit Buchenwald concentration camp: We will do everything we can so that something like this never happens again

Propaganda Alert

compiled by Cem Ertür
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
7 June 2009

1) Transcript of the Interview of US President Obama with Justin Webb of the BBC (2 June 2009)
2) Transcript of Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton’s interview on ABC’s ‘This Week’ (7 June 2009)

3) Obama and Merkel visit Buchenwald concentration camp (5 June 2009)
4) UK Prime Minister Brown’s words at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp (28 April 2009) Continue reading

Quotes on Iran by Obama, Brown, Sarkozy and Merkel

compiled by Cem Ertür
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
July 28, 2008

Below are some quotes taken from the speeches given by prominent political leaders during their recent visits to Israel.

“The threats to Israel’s security… [include] an Iranian regime that sponsors terrorism, pursues nuclear weapons and threatens Israel’s existence” (US Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, 23 July 2008)  [1]

“And to those who mistakenly and outrageously call for the end of Israel let the message be: Britain will always stand firmly by Israel’s side.” (British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, 21 July 2008)  [2]

“Yes, France is Israel’s friend, and France will always stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel when her security and existence are threatened… And those who call scandalously for Israel’s destruction will always find France in their way, blocking the path.” (French President Nicholas Sarkozy, 23 June 2008)  [3]

“Ladies and gentlemen, the threats directed against Israel and the Jewish people by the Iranian President are without doubt a particular cause for concern…. If Iran ever acquires nuclear weapons, the consequences will be disastrous.” (German President Angela Merkel, 18 March 2008)  [4]


[1]  Obama’s Speech in Sderot, Israel


[2] Speech by the Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the Knesset, Israel


[3] Speech by M. Nicolas Sarkozy to the Knesset


[4] Speech by Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel to the Knesset in Jerusalem on 18 March 2008



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