Jesus of Nazareth (repost)

Jesus on the wall of the senior Home

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Happy Easter!

Originally posted Oct 21, 2009

Jesus of Nazareth miniseries


Jesus of Nazareth (Italian: Gesù di Nazareth) is a 1977 British-Italian television miniseries co-written (with Anthony Burgess and Suso Cecchi d’Amico) and directed by Franco Zeffirelli which dramatizes the birth, life, ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus largely according the Christian Bible’s New Testament Gospels. It was filmed in Tunisia, Morocco, and Mexico and was produced by Lew Grade and Vincenzo Labella on a budget of an estimated US$12 million to $18 million. Continue reading

Dr. Michael Brown with Sid Roth – The Real Kosher Jesus


Isaiah (Photo credit: Missional Volunteer)

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May 14, 2012 by

Take a trip back 2,000 years in time to capture the debate between Jews who believed in Jesus and Jews who did not. I have selected the best Orthodox rabbi challenging the best Messianic Jewish scholar in the country. Wait till you eavesdrop on this fiery, amazing family feud.

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The Mysterious Prophecy of Isaiah 53

The Prophet Isaiah

The Prophet Isaiah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Day of Discovery

The Mystery of Deliverance, Part I

Join Dr. Michael Rydelnik and other biblical scholars as they engage in a captivating discussion to unlock the mysteries of one of the most fascinating passages of Scripture. You’ll gain insights from the Jewish and Christian perspectives as you examine the interpretations and implications. Discover and explore the clues that help to reveal the mystery of God’s deliverance, the servant, the sacrifice, and the fulfillment of prophecy.

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Art Katz: Israel, The Suffering Servant


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 on Jun 4, 2011
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The Keith Green Story

Keith Gordon Green, an American gospel singer,...

Keith Gordon Green, an American gospel singer, songwriter, musician, and Contemporary Christian Music artist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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on May 14, 2009

Keith Green was an intense and radical man of God. He was taken from this Earth at a relatively young age. His legacy lives on through his music and his sermons. This video is about his life.

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St. Peter (2005)

Crucifixion of St. Peter by Caravaggio. The ea...

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Oscar nominee Omar Sharif (LAWRENCE OF ARABIA) stars in this drama about the life of Peter. After Christ’s death and resurrection, strife between his followers and the Romans increases, and the disciples become targets for their faith. Peter realizes that he may have to follow in the footsteps of his Lord and Savior, even if they lead him to a death on the cross.

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The Discipline of the Radicals + Loving The Unloveables

Jesus resurrected and Mary Magdalene

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on Feb 26, 2011

906 The Revolutionary Handbook.

We have a revolutionary faith — we need to live revolutionary lives — here are practical revolutionary keys for God’s revolution.

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Michael Brown vs Rabbi David Blumofe: Who is Jesus?

Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna, ...

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JewsForJesus | December 16, 2010

Sid Roth, President of Messianic Vision presents a public debate between Dr. Michael Brown and Rabbi David Blumofe.

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Cosmic Irony and Mordechai Vanunu by Eileen Fleming

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November 21, 2010

Cosmic Irony [is] the idea that fate, destiny, or a god controls and toys with human hopes and expectations. It also [encompasses] the belief that the universe is so large and man so small that the universe is indifferent to the plight of man.

Mordechai Vanunu was born on 13 October 1954 in Marrakesh, Morocco. From east Jerusalem in 2005, he told me: Continue reading

Following Jesus in a Land of Conflict: An Arab and Jewish Conversation

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day of Discovery

Following Jesus in a Land of Conflict: An Arab and Jewish Conversation

Part I—Taking Sides

We’re all aware of the conflict between the Jewish and Palestinian people. The eyes of the world are on the struggle for peace in this region. But one of the difficult questions is, “Where do followers of Christ line up in this issue?”

The people of this land are divided by walls, fences, and mutual fears. But what happens if two of them—one Jewish, the other Arab—decide to walk in the footsteps of Christ? “Following Jesus in a Land of Conflict,” should followers of Christ take sides? . . . on this Day of Discovery.

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Isaiah 53: Who is Isaiah speaking of in this chapter? by Lo + Aviad Cohen: Hooked On The Truth

Thought I’d repost this as I replaced the music video on this post.

Isaiah 53: Who is Isaiah speaking of in this chapter? by Lo + Aviad Cohen: Hooked On The Truth Dandelion Salad Updated: Aug. 18, 2010 replaced video.  I first posted this just over a year ago on my myspace blog and thought I’d repost when I watched the following video by Aviad Cohen.  Who is Isaiah speaking of in this chapter? ~ Lo   Read More

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Dr. Michael Rydelnik: My Search for Messiah

[Each part is 26 minutes long.]

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Jesus: Man, Messiah, or More?

The Last Supper by Palma il Vecchio, National ...

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Day of Discovery

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