Michael Franti: Love Me Unique (music video)

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Originally posted: April 22, 2008

Updated: April 24, 2008


April 24, 2008
Michael Franti’s Love Me Unique music video from the album ‘Love Kamikaze’ of unreleased material written over a span of 10 years about love and sex that Franti felt didn’t belong on his politically themed albums.

Added: April 22, 2008 (video removed)
Music Video of Michael Franti’s ‘Love Me Unique’ from the album Love Kamikaze, directed by Carla Swanson of Stay Human Films

YELL FIRE = music = Michael Franti & SpearHead = Revolution (video)

Dandelion Salad

Hey We’re Filming Here on Dec 2, 2011

Michael Franti & Spearhead Preform “Yell Fire”

2007 S.F. Power to the Peaceful festival in Golden Gate Park.

Made By Brooke Duthie



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