Michael Lebowitz: What is Socialism in the 21st Century?

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GreenLeftTV on Jun 14, 2016

At the ‘Socialism in the 21st Century’ Conference held in Sydney in May 2016 and organised by the Socialist Alliance, Michael Lebowitz, a world leading Marxist author who writes and researches the problems and possibilities of building a socialist alternative, here presents a paper on what Socialism might look like in this century and the differences with 20th Century Socialism as represented by the developments in the Soviet Union.

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Putting humans back into socialism By Federico Fuentes


Posted with permission from Green Left Weekly

By Federico Fuentes
Green Left Weekly
December 5, 2010

The Socialist Alternative
Michael Lebowitz
Monthly Review Press, 2010
pp 192; US$15.95

The onset of the global economic crisis in mid 2008, symbolised by the collapse of some of Wall Street’s most iconic companies, led to soaring sales of Karl Marx’s seminal work Das Kapital, as many sought explanations to the tumultuous events unfolding.

Although written more than 100 years ago, this devastating and insightful dissection of how capital functions is still a powerful tool for people looking to understand and change the world.

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