How a $13 Trillion Cover Story was Written by Michael Hudson

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by Prof. Michael Hudson
June 17, 2011

Tax the Rich placard

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Free money creation to bail out America’s elite financial speculators, but not for Social Security or Medicare

Only the “Crazies” Get the Bank Giveaway Right

Financial crashes were well understood for a hundred years after they became a normal financial phenomenon in the mid-19th century. Much like the buildup of plaque deposits in human veins and arteries, an accumulation of debt gained momentum exponentially until the economy crashed, wiping out bad debts – along with savings on the other side of the balance sheet.

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Election Pre Mortems by Steven Jonas, MD, MPH

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by Steven Jonas, MD, MPH
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Nov. 10, 2009

Looking at the title of this missive, the careful reader might well say “Pre Mortems? Don’t you mean Post Mortems?” My answer is: “no, I don’t mean post; I do mean pre.” For what went on, on and about Election Day 2009, meant a lot more for what is to come in the upcoming 2010 and then 2012 elections than it did for the particular small number of elections on the day itself. In sum, the country drifted evermore in the direction of fascism, to be accomplished by either by election or coup or a combination of both. But before we look at some of the evidence for that, let me put forth my standard, (relatively) brief definition of fascism:

“The word ‘fascism’ has been given many definitions. My short one (and I’ve got a really long one too, in The 15% Solution: A Political History of American Fascism, 2001-2022, originally published in 1996 under the pseudonym Jonathan Westminster and available on both Amazon and B&N) is:

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