Michael Hudson and Ellen Brown: Avoiding The Road To Serfdom

Swimming With the Debt Sharks

Image by Truthout.org via Flickr

by Michael Hudson, with Ellen Brown
Writers, Dandelion Salad
Michael Hudson, Jan. 28, 2018
The Web of Debt Blog
February 10, 2018

I appeared alongside Ellen Brown on Princetown Community Television in two parts. Enjoy!

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Richard D. Wolff: What is Capitalism and Socialism? What is Money? What is Debt Jubilee?

Occupy May Day 2012

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Dandelion Salad

acTVism Munich on Feb 21, 2017

In this interview with Professor of Economics Emeritus (University of Massachusetts), Marxist economist and founder of Democracy at Work, Richard D. Wolff, we talk to him about Capitalism and Socialism.

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M for Marginalism by Michael Hudson


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by Michael Hudson
Writer, Dandelion Salad
January 22, 2014

Part M in the .

Malthus, Thomas Robert (1766-1834): British economist and spokesman for its landlord class. His Principles of Political Economy (1820) countered Ricardo’s critique of groundrent by pointing out that landlords spent part of it on hiring coachmen and other servants and buying luxury products (coaches, fine clothes and so forth), thus providing a source of demand for British industry, and part capital improvements to raise farm productivity. Continue reading

The Banking System In Short by Rudo de Ruijter

by Rudo de Ruijter
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Independent researcher
May 7, 2013

Today’s bank system adheres to a very simple principle. When you want to borrow money, you promise the banker you will pay him back and with that promise the banker creates a balance for you. You owe interest on it.

Because so few people know how the system works, nearly nobody sees how – in an almost mechanical way – banking with thin air parasites society like a cancer tumor and reduces people to cogs to appease its financial hunger.

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The Incredible Debt Spider by Rand Clifford

In debt we trust

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by Rand Clifford
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
January 17, 2013

The “Federal Reserve Bank” (Fed) is not part of the United States Government. The Fed is a private, for-profit corporation ultimately owned by eight elite banking families:

1. Rothschild’s of London and Berlin
2. Lazard Brothers of Paris
3. Israel Moses Seaf of Italy
4. Kuhn, Loeb & Co. of Germany and New York
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Michael Hudson: Modern Money and Public Purpose 1: The Historical Evolution of Money and Debt


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by Michael Hudson
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Dandelion Salad
September 23, 2012

Here is the recording of the presentation I gave at the Modern Money and Public Purpose seminar recently. My delivery begins at the 43 minute mark. I highly recommend Randy’s presentation beforehand.

Sep 22, 2012 by

Moderator: William V. Harris, William R. Shepherd Professor of History and Director, Center for the Ancient Mediterranean, Columbia University

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Money is God, Greed is King and Corruption Runs the Game By Siv O’Neall

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By Siv O’Neall
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
August 16, 2009

Never has the world been subjected to as pure and destructive lunacy as at this time in history. Never have the anti-civilization voices been heard as stridently as in the so-called debate that is going on today. The insane and desperate noise of the single-party political scene in the  United States, the deafening roar of the Mafia, is threatening, and seemingly managing quite well, to out-thunder the few reasonable and civilized voices that are attempting to be heard over the din.

The civilized debate that might be expected to be going on about health care, tax reforms, regulation of financial speculation, the criminality of imperial wars, improving education and much more, is poisoned while still in the womb, by the formidable power of the one political party that is spelled M O N E Y. Their power tools are the mass media, the ceaseless propaganda machines, the formidable use of hypnotic slogans and, added to that, the severe lack of insight and intellectual curiosity of the  U.S. citizens. All this is made possible through the obscene lowering of educational standards and the carefully programmed lack of information that is the normal state of things today in Middle America.

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Inflation and the Federal Reserve by Richard C. Cook

Dandelion Salad

by Richard C. Cook
Global Research, October 2, 2007

No term in the “dismal science” of economics is more misunderstood than “inflation.” The word means “rising prices,” but is used at different times by different people to describe totally different phenomena.

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