Pointing A Way: A Review of Morris Berman’s Counting Blessings By Gary Corseri

By Gary Corseri
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
July 10, 2011

Among the nostrums I was taught as an English Lit under-grad, and then a grad student, was the idea that biography had no place in Criticism.  This notion arrived with the “New Critics” of the 1930s—some pretty bright lights, actually, who—as the best of us are wont to do—were in rebellion… in their case against the schmaltzy kind of newspaper “criticism” and reviews—especially of poetry—that preceded them.  That schmaltzy stuff was all about praising the poet’s “sentiment” or good-heartedness, and it was more often than not aimed at women—the main writers and readers of “sentimental” novels and all-too-flowery and rhymy “verse.”

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