Ralph Nader: The November 5th Movement

Dandelion Salad


November 12, 2008

2008 Presidential nominee Ralph Nader calls it as he sees it on MSNBC.

Join the continued fight for accountability in our nation’s government.

Join the November 5th movement at:

Ralph Nader: The November 5th Movement

The November 5th Movement Starts Right Now! (video no longer available)

Dandelion Salad


The election is over and we must begin turning our country around now, or the opportunity may not come again. By quickly organizing ourselves in each of the 435 congressional districts, over the next 100 days, we can make single-payer healthcare, a living wage, and a less militaristic society our long-term reality. We must do this because the founders of these United States gave us the power to do it. Please watch the video and sign up today.

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