Dethrone the Corporate State by Chris Hedges

by Chris Hedges
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As Deficit Super Committee Fails, “Occupy” Activists in Washington, DC Provide Inspiring Plan for US Economy + The 99%’s Deficit Proposal

by Andy Worthington
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21 November 2011

Occupy Wall Street Day 20

Image by waywuwei via Flickr

As was revealed in summer, when Tea Party Republicans were prepared to see America’s credit rating downgraded from AAA for the first time in its history rather than reaching a budget agreement with the administration (an act that ought to have counted as economic treason), the possibility of a bipartisan group reaching an agreement to reduce America’ s deficit has to be regarded as something close to impossible.

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Chris Hedges: Nonviolent Citizen Resistance to War and Global Climate Change

Chris Hedges

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

with Chris Hedges
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Oct. 23, 2011

on Oct 20, 2011

Film by Eugene Taylor and Abraham Krikorian (Conscience Films – non-profit) of Chris Hedges’ talk at Hofstra University on October 3, 2011 – International Day Day of Non-Violence. Sponsored by Hofstra University’s Departments of Economics, History and Sociology and The Center for Civic Engagement and the Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives. Continue reading

Cornel West and Dennis Trainer arrested at Supreme Court at Occupy DC/October2011 + Speech


Image by Brennan Cavanaugh via Flickr

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Updated: Oct. 17, 2011 added West’s speech

on Oct 16, 2011

For the dedication of the MLK Jr statue, Cornell West decided to get arrested on the steps of the Supreme Court to protest the Citizens United case.


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Chris Hedges at Occupy DC: Either you are a rebel or a slave

Occupy COMO

with Chris Hedges
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Oct. 9, 2011

on Oct 6, 2011

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Anti-war Occupy DC protesters pepper sprayed at the National Air and Space Museum + Conservative Infiltrator?

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Updated: Oct. 10, 2011 added a video


Image by ElvertBarnes via Flickr

on Oct 8, 2011

Occupy Washington DC protesters were pepper sprayed at a protest at the National Air and Space Museum.

The protest was targeted against the museum’s celebration of the use of Drones, which have been used to kill scores of innocent civilians. The protest was successful, with a SWAT policeman turning away tourists, saying the museum was shut down.

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Ralph Nader: Obama is a Dictator! + Nader, Ron Paul, Kucinich Speak to Occupy Wall Street


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Updated: Oct. 12, 2011 added another video

With Ralph Nader

MOXNEWSd0tCOM on Oct 7, 2011

October 07, 2011 News Corp

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Worse than the Cold War or Vietnam – America Today by Timothy V. Gatto

By Timothy V. Gatto
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Sept. 30, 2011

Occupy Wall Street October 1st

Image by Adrian Kinloch via Flickr

I have to admit that I’m really pissed off. It’s no longer just being angry about the situation in Washington; it’s about what’s happening to America. This country is failing. People are unemployed, and we are neglecting the poor and homeless. What’s happening here? Where is the government when it comes to protecting the welfare of the people? Why are so many crazies in the House and Senate? I’m talking about my Senators; Jim DeMint and Bang-Bang Lindsey Graham who used to be sane. The South Carolina Senators do not represent me. Continue reading

The Punk Patriot: Nonviolence

Tim DeChristopher

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on Sep 5, 2011

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The Frank Factor and The Punk Patriot: The Whole F**king Thing’s Coming Down

Updated: Oct. 16, 2011 added another video

Capitalism Kills, Kill Capitalism

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Chris Hedges: Time for Civil Disobedience!

Save democracy fight corporate fascism

Image by Nney via Flickr

with Chris Hedges
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August 3, 2011

 on Aug 3, 2011

Chris Hedges talks about his plans to participate in the sustained occupation of Freedom Plaza, beginning on October 6th.

video by Dennis Trainor, Jr

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