Red State Update: Legalize Drugs, Save Mexico

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Jackie and Dunlap’s solution to the Mexican drug wars. Well, Dunlap’s, at least.

Let Your Jackie Flag Fly
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Ron Paul: It’s Time To End Prohibition Of Marijuana!

America’s Dehumanizing Prisons by Sherwood Ross

Barack Obama drops ‘war on drugs’ rhetoric for needle exchanges

US military to help Mexican drug war

Justice Department will stop medical marijuana raids, Attorney General says + Massive drug sweep nets 750 arrests

Red State Update Meets Ralph Nader

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Ralph’s hippie money site:
The Nader campaign’s trying to raise 80 grand by September 27. This ain’t no endorsement, but hell, give him money if you want. It’s harmless. It’s like givin’ a coupla bucks to a homeless guy outside of Kroger. A homeless guy who invented seatbelts.

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Red State Update: Ralph Nader On Anal Flutter

Part II of Jackie and Dunlap’s interview with Ralph Nader. This installment touches on third party debates, three-legged races, and anal flutter.

Mr. Slaw Meets Ralph Nader

Jackie and Dunlap continue their interview with Ralph Nader, with a special guest: Mr. Slaw.


Nader on bank woes: ‘I predicted this’

Bleak Sunday, Momentous Monday, and Nader/Gonzalez

Red State Update: Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul (video)

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Jackie and Dunlap on Ron Paul’s fundraising triumph and his chances of winning the White House.


Why Did Ron Paul Vote Against Impeachment? By Manila Ryce

The Media’s Plan to Ambush Ron Paul By Mike Whitney

Ron Paul: Full Interview On CNN 11.08.07 (video)


Red State Update: Ahmadinejad Hearts NY (video)

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Jackie and Dunlap on the president of… Jackie and Dunlap on the president of Iran’s visit to America.


Turning Ahmadinejad into public enemy No. 1 By Juan Cole

Full Interview With Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (videos)

Columbia President Bollinger Introduces Ahmadinejad (video)

The Red State Update Health Care Plan (video)

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Everybody’s got a stupid health care …

Everybody’s got a stupid health care plan. Why should the Jackie ’08 campaign be any different?


Dennis Kucinich discusses his universal healthcare plan (video link)

Clinton, Obama, Edwards on ‘the same page’ on health care reform, ‘the wrong page,’ says Kucinich

Red State Update: Sayonara Karl Rove (video)

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August 13, 2007
From: travisandjonathan

Jackie and Dunlap bid farewell to Karl Rove

music by William Sherry Jr.


Hardball: Rove Resigns + Should Rove Testify? (videos)

Olbermann: Worst Person + Bush’s Brain is Leaving + End of an Error + End of Rove (videos)

Karl Rove Resigning from the White House! (video) + The Rove Resignation: No Cause to Rejoice by Glitzqueen (aka The Other Katherine Harris) + White House Announcement (video) (updated)

Red State Update: Fightin’ Joe Biden (music video)

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Jackie and Dunlap finish the fight Biden started… music style!

directed by Brad Jones
produced by Nick Plotquin
music by William Sherry Jr.
vocals produced by Augy Plotquin

starrin’ Mandi, Blake, and our new Harry Potter buddy Diana!

Jackie & Dunlap’s CNN YouTube Debate Commentary Track

Republicans! Come to the Red State Update Debate!

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July 29, 2007

Republican Candidates, Jackie and Dunlap understand your reluctance to appear on a CNN YouTube debate. So why don’t you stop on by our place for a good old fashioned Red State Update Debate! Drinks are on them.


Republicans: Too “Important” for YouTube Debate? (video)

Red State Update: Bush’s Colonoscopy (video; humor)

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It’s important to get your butt checked.

Recorded last weekend (7/22) and originally posted on’s Tuesday edition. Salon has a new Red State Update every Tuesday.

Michael Moore Plays Hardball (videos)