John Kerry in Austin by Daniel N. White

by Daniel N. White
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
April 20, 2010

John Kerry’s last visit to Austin was on Earth Day, 2007.  Austin is a big enough city nowadays to attract political heavy-hitters some–not like it did when LBJ was president, but more than most flyover states’ cities its size do.  For reasons I don’t know and never will and don’t care to anyway John Kerry chose to make Austin, Texas his book tour stop for Earth Day, 2007, for his new book on the environment that he and his wife Teresa supposedly wrote.

Kerry drew a crowd of around 150 to the local independent bookstore for his and Teresa’s presentation of the book.  Audience was the typical demographic for a mainstream Democratic politician–most of the audience was affluent, white, and social security age or better. They were all spry and well preserved for their age, none I remember showed physical decrepitude any, which shows that every one of them had had indoors professional jobs their entire lives, that none of them had worked outdoors doing physical work in Texas for a living.  Something to be said for indoors jobs after all, I guess.  Continue reading