Radio Roxanne: Earth Day 2010 – The Allegheny Defense Project

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by Roxanne Amico
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April 22, 2010

This is a link to a 3 minute Radio Roxanne Earth Day 2010 audio post… Please listen, and share it with others. Also below is information about actions to take outside. Given that this is Earth Day, and there are plenty of celebrations everywhere to commemorate the 40th anniversary of this, I’m strongly encouraging taking the sentiment to real world actions and sustaining protection of the earth beyond one day. There’s a forest out there who needs us! The text to my commentary is below…

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Radio Roxanne: women in black, NYC-Palestine & Israel

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This is a 20 minute Radio Roxanne audio clip with an interview of Women in Black (WiB), NYC–With one NYC Jewish woman who helped found NYC’s WiB, and one NYC Jewish woman whose personal transformation prompted her to join WiB’s weekly vigils, and then went to Palestine and Israel to learn firsthand about what are the living the conditions there. The link to the audio at my website is here: and at the end of the written back-story (–not a part of the audio narration, which is a different text only contained in the audio, nor the interview–) to my encounter with them… I hope that this post goes some way to shattering the wall of lies regarding what’s really going on in Palestine and Israel, at a time of precarious “cease fire”. There are also some links to more information at the end, including a few actions you can take.

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derrick jensen & radio roxanne-premise one:

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Banned from the BBC – Gaza Aid Appeal Video + George Galloway at Protest for Gaza

Jewish Peace News: Henry Siegman: “Israel’s Lies”

Over a dozen university occupations for Palestine + The Yellow Army + 14th day of hunger strike


Gaza Crisis Appeal

Derrick Jensen & Radio Roxanne: Premise One Civilization is not and can never be sustainable

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Audio link

This post is a link to a 27 min. 59 sec. Radio Roxanne audio interview with writer and environmental activist Derrick Jensen.  This is the 1st in a series of 20 interviews based on his 20 premises from his 2 volume book, Endgame.

At a time when the whole world is reeling from a collapsing economy, it’s a good idea to ask what is the relationship between the economy and the planet, when every eco-system is also in collapse.  And to ask:  What is worthy of saving from collapse, “the markets”, or the planet we call our home?  (And to recognize we can have one, or the other, but not both.)  Yesterday I posted a Naomi Wolf video calling for direct action regarding the criminals in the white house.  It’s a place to start, but it doesn’t end there…. Continue reading

Stop Making the Bed by Roxanne R. Amico (+ audio link; Impeachment)

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radioroxanne radioroxanne

Roxanne R. Amico
Tuesday, 6 November, 2007

This is the 4min 33sec audio clip of the “stop making the bed” from last blog post. In playwriting, there’s a phrase “coming off the page” to describe the translation process from the written word to the stage.

I think the audio comes off the page on this piece better than most I’ve done. For my friends who cannot for a variety of reasons, listen, thank you especially for reading , and as you do, just imagine me and Cheney on stage, with his teeth baring grimace nose to nose with mine. ONLY: I am NOT acting.

Thank you for reading and for listening.

here’s the link to my website where you can listen

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Stop Making the Bed

Roxanne R. Amico
Tuesday, 6 November, 2007

Dennis Kucinich’s resolutions of impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney, are recognition that Cheney lied about reasons for war on Iraq and is lying with regard to Iran. I write with an urgency I’ve kept at bay for many years; an urgency that’s not my learned way of being an activist. In 44 years, more than twenty have been under the occupation of radical forces I underestimated, against which I fought in a variety of ways including self-congratulatory-lifestyle change, community organizing, anti-war activism, prisoners’ rights, and electoral politics… Like all activists, I felt an early emphatic sense of justice. I learned from mentors to temper the urgency for the long haul; internalized the metaphor that great cathedrals are built over several generations, and many—(even Michelangelo)– knew they wouldn’t live to see completion of “the big picture”; saw change take a long time—and that in many contexts, it should, because I knew that even on a personal level, change challenges, so it takes time to integrate new ideas, ways of living, and experiences… This is what I’ve learned about pacing change…

What I also learned: Things change—and what I learned over these decades is no longer appropriate for these times. –You know, the times my nieces and your nieces and nephews and children and grandchildren and their offspring, and all nonhuman communities on which their lives depend, are facing… Urgent times.

In 1983, the movie “The Day After” was made to illustrate the urgency of acting against nuclear war. Lately I find myself appealing to my friends’ and families’ sense of the danger ahead, with little hope of being heard above the lockstep of routines, unable to act with passion, unless some immediate loss visits. Even when I get calls for immediate action, unless it’s from a friend–I delete or ignore. Crude— maybe even rude by some interpretations— but true. I have a job that demands my full-bodied-fitness and attention. On EVERY given day, I live at a pace of emergency already. EVEN my down time is imperative: I’m an artist living in a culture that devalues the work of artists and we sell our time to maintain the status quo, rather than being paid for shaping a better culture. Another way to put this is that when I am not working for food, I am working for love. THAT is a reason I am an activist–To change the culture that generates this unnatural, non-stop fight to live a life of choice.

Which is exactly the urgent matter of this writing. The US government is occupied by insane criminals who’ve tortured and terrorized both the people and the land of this continent and other lands. They stupidly presume themselves to be above the law, endowed with the right to destroy the US constitution and International Declarations of Human Rights. We must use every tool within our disposal to resist them. If we do not stop them, they will kill many more– with their lies, aggression, profiteering, spying, kidnapping, and unlawful arrests– as journalist Naomi Wolf elucidates in a recent Huffington Post article.

Two points here: First, what the US government does to the US populace and to the land does not stay in the US land, air, and water, just as what they do to other people and other lands does not protect the people or land here from others’ expectation that WE are accountable. I think of so many who’ve cited Germany, during World War Two, when others eventually attacked after having enough of Hitler’s brutalities. Likewise, there are those who will not tolerate the destruction caused while too many US citizens hang on to delusions of non-urgency. Second, being an activist means knowing that impeachment is a minute piece of what’s needed to repair the damage the US has done here and abroad. I’ve all but given up on the elections, after the last two stolen and now that democratic processes have been corporatocracized. I know that my nieces will not have clean water, clean air, nor safe food either in terms of supply or land to grow it. It is inconsolable that in the lifetime of the youngest child, there are many living beings that are being killed in the time it takes to write this sentence. But being participant in life also means knowing that some small things can add up to some positive measure and the impeachment of these small-minded bullies will be a piece towards convicting them for the criminals they are.

Even if the earth and all inhabitants were not in distress, life is short. Once asked in an interview why I do art, I learned that the question is akin to “why am I alive?” As witness to these crimes against communities of life of every biosphere, my art and activism are my tool, weapon, language—indeed my life—to serve others to share their stories. I urge all who love this world to act now to take some radically different action in acknowledgment of the dangers ahead.

In an opening scene of the film “The Day After”, a woman’s family tries to stop her making the bed. A “normal” task, except that it’s the day upon which they awakened to the news that a nuclear bomb was detonated. Unable to face the implications of this state terrorism, she loses her mind and continues doing what worked on any other day. It’s time to stop making the bed. To paraphrase the Australian rock band “Midnight Oil”: “…[no] sleeping while the beds are burning… The time has come…” I emphatically support the impeachment of the entire Bush Administration, after which they should be tried for treason and all crimes.


DFA Must Be Royally Pissed + Calls for Impeachment Hearings

Impeachment 2007 – A Constitutional Duty (Hersh; 2006; over 18 only)

Naomi Wolf: Impeach, Prosecute and Save America! (video)

Good People Gather: Oct. 12-14 Erie, PA (audio link; LaDuke; Jensen; Shiva)

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From: radioroxanne radioroxanne

In September I spoke with the dynamic organizing trio at Mercyhurst College for the event they have planned starting the weekend of the 12th of October, called “Good People Gather”. Have a 10 minute listen to the exciting time they have planned for all! –Winona LaDuke, Derrick Jensen, Vandana Shiva: Oct. 12-14, 2007–“Good People Gather”, Charlene M Tanner Speaker Series…

Here’s the link:

“The series will present lectures on our societal and environmental global crisis and the urgent need for justice. The three day conference at Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA is free and open to the public!”

This is a very exciting gathering in October in ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA… A remarkable event which brings together three of the most relevant and dynamic contemporary voices and activists for environmental defense on the planet: Winona LaDuke, Vandana Shiva, and Derrick Jensen. The event will include primitive skills, scenic hikes, art, earth and reflection workshops— and bring your Atlatl Arms—There’ll be a competition!!! It’s also an opportunity to meet others working to act together, to think and talk about this critical time in the planet’s life, and what we will do to end an ultimately unsustainable and failing culture; to survive the hard times ahead; and to act on what’s next and truly sustainable…. Below are some of the details, with lots of links with tons more info. Now grab your seat: It’s FREE and open to the public!!!!! (—get off the floor and contact them to register now!!! 😉 Also below is a link to the squidoo site with maps of the college campus and of the hikes, directions to the location of event, as well as event schedule, lodging, contact info, and videos with information about speakers and workshops…. Watch the site for updates!

More info at the link!!

[ NOTE: –This weekend’s events will be a GREAT way to DETOX from the COLUMBUS-SLAUGHTER-DAY from the previous week!! (Here’s a link to another idea around reclaiming the day Columbus invaded: ) ]

For more information contact: (814) 824-2578 or  (Also, info about lodging reservations.)


Winona LaDuke, Derrick Jensen, Vandana Shiva: Oct. 12-14, 2007

“Good People Gather”, Charlene M Tanner Speaker Series

The series will present lectures on our societal and environmental global crisis and the urgent need for justice. The three day conference at Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA is free and open to the public!

Winona LaDuke October 12, 7PM – Taylor Little Theatre

Derrick Jensen October 13, 7PM – Taylor Little Theatre

Vandana Shiva October 14, 1PM Lecture (3PM Panel Discussion) -Performing Arts Center

The event will include primitive skills, scenic hikes, art, earth and reflection workshops as well as an atlatl competition (see event schedule below)!

Hostel Available. Use contact below for reservations.

For more information contact: (814) 824-2578 or  (Also, info about lodging reservations.)

This event is being gifted in memory of Charlene M. Tanner by her loving partner, Doris Cipolla. Because of their shared interests in social justice, peace, and the environment, it is hoped that this program will inspire others to help create a healing environment for the world.

It takes place at Mercyhurst College:

October 12th Winona LaDuke
7PM LECTURE Taylor Little Theater

Native American activist, environmentalist, economist and writer Winona LaDuke’s talk, “Recovering the Sacred,” will examine the connections between sacred sites, sacred objects and the sacred bodies of her people, focusing closely on the conditions under which traditional beliefs can be best practiced.

Winona LaDuke –Served as Ralph Nader’s running mate for the Green Party in the 1996 and 2000 presidential campaigns. A 1982 graduate of Harvard University, she currently lives on the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota and works on restoring the local land base and culture. In 1988, she received the Reebok Human Rights Award. In 1994, Time named her one of America’s 50 most promising leaders under 40 years of age. She is the author of several books, including Last Standing Woman. Five minute video with Winona LaDuke: Winona LaDuke is the founding director of the White Earth Recovery Project–

October 13th Derrick Jensen
7PM LECTURE Taylor Little Theater

Author and environmental activist Derrick Jensen’s talk, “End Game,” will describe how industrial civilization is unsustainable and will guide us toward living on a healthy Earth whose forests, rivers and oceans are not under the constant threat of being destroyed.

Derrick Jensen is one of our most important public intellectuals and the internationally acclaimed author of A Language Older Than Words, The Culture of Make Believe, Listening to the Land, Strangely Like War, Welcome to the Machine, and Walking on Water. Described by Howard Zinn as “a rare and original voice of sanity in a chaotic world,” he writes for The New York Times Magazine, Audubon and The Sun, among many others. Five minute video with Derrick Jensen: Derrick Jensen’s web site:

October 14th Vandana Shiva
1PM LECTURE Performing Arts Center
3PM PANEL DISCUSSION Performing Arts Center

World-renowned physicist and activist Vandana Shiva’s talk, “Earth Democracy,” will outline the bedrock principles for building living economies, living cultures and living democracies.

Vandana Shiva, Ph. D.–Is a physicist, ecologist and activist. In India she established Navdanya, a movement for biodiversity, conservation and farmers’ rights. She is ecology adviser to the Third World Network, which aims to bring a fair and ecologically sustainable distribution of world resources. For her contribution to environmentalism and women, she won the prestigious Right Livelihood Award, known as “the alternative Nobel Prize,” in 1993. She is the author of 11 books, including Water Wars and Biopiracy. Five minute video with Vandana Shiva: Dr. Vandana Shiva is the founder of Navdanya, a biodiversity conservation project

Film: What A Way To Go —- Described by Jan Lundberg at as “perhaps the most important media message of our time”, What a Way to Go, features interviews with Daniel Quinn, Derrick Jensen, Jerry Mander, Richard Heinberg, William Catton, Paul Roberts, Chellis Glendinning, Thomas Berry, Richard Manning and Ran Prieur. It looks head on at our present global predicament, as oil depletion, climate change, species extinction and population overshoot converge in a “perfect storm” of cataclysmic dimensions. Their website: Trailers:

World Atlatl Association If you have an interest in primitive skills and want to link up with a terrific and friendly group of atlatl fans who share your interest and enthusiasm for this fascinating stone age/space age dart throwing device, call or write WAA today!

Maps of the college campus and of the hikes and directions to the location of event, along with event schedule, lodging, contact info, and videos with information about speakers and workshops, a huge cache of links at this website:

Good People Gather is sponsored and organized by:

Mercyhurst College –Event Sponsor–

Mercyhurst Office of Sustainability and Green Team Event Sponsor —

Gaia Defense League Event Co-Sponsor —

Gaia Defense League on Squidoo Gaia Lens–
(This site is AWESOME–Full of interesting links about the Erie PA community, and about “sustainability” in general….)

“The Gaia Defense League (GDL) is dedicated to protecting natural resources, including water, air, habitat, and native species. The organization lawfully monitors the activities of the environmentally regulated community and, when necessary, brings enforcement actions in the courts. Additionally, GDL promotes the education of the citizenry in the protection of natural resources and other civic interests such as assisting local governments on community building and sustainable development…. The Gaia Defense League formed in 2004…. The people have a right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment. Pennsylvania’s public natural resources are the common property of all the people, including generations yet to come. As trustee of these resources, the Commonwealth shall conserve and maintain them for the benefit of all the people….”

For more information contact: (814) 824-2578 or  (Also, info about lodging reservations.)


Atlatl Competition, October 13th
1PM Mercyhurst Prep Soccer Field

World Atlatl Association If you have an interest in primitive skills and want to link up with a terrific and friendly group of atlatl fans who share your interest and enthusiasm for this fascinating stone age/space age dart throwing device, call or write WAA today!

Atlatls are ancient weapons that preceded the bow and arrow in most parts of the world and are one of humankind’s first mechanical inventions. The word atlatl
(pronounced at-latal or atal-atal) comes from the Nahuatl language of the Aztec, who were still using them when encountered by the Spanish in the 1500s. Other words include spear-thrower, estolica (Spanish), propulseur (French), speerschleuder (German) and woomera or miru (English versions of the most common Australian terms).

An atlatl is essentially a stick with a handle on one end and a hook or socket that engages a light spear or “dart” on the other. The flipping motion of the atlatl propels a light spear much faster and farther than it could be thrown by hand alone. source: picture: Here are two short five min videos about atlatl throwing: and:

For more information contact: (814) 824-2578 or  (Also, info about lodging reservations.)