Olbermann: Gore + Clinton & Obama + Sanchez + Richardson + Worst (vids)

Dandelion Salad


Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize. He still gives no indication of running for President. Honestly, why would he want to? Jonathan Alter joins Keith.

Barack Obama attacks Clinton, Clinton defends herself, and neither one is my candidate. And no, it will never ever be Ron Paul.

Dana Milbank drops on to continue the discussion regarding the Obama criticism of Clinton. I’ll be honest, I still don’t buy Clinton’s explanation of her vote for the Kyl/LIEberman amendment. Whether it was non-binding or not, no matter what it was it just didn’t make sense.

Also: General Ricardo Sanchez now says Iraq is a pitiful screwed up mess. Isn’t it amazing how these generals speak out long after they retire?

Keith interviews Presidential candidate Bill Richardson about General Sanchez’s comments in regards to the war. He also talks about Russia wanting to pull out of a nuclear treaty signed with us. See what happens when you begin dumping treaties into the toilet like Bush. It seems every country thinks they should be able to do it. How dare they!

Oddball: The Underpants run in Hawaii,
a new electric chair from Japan to ride around in.

Best Persons: Andrea Eichhorn drops her law suit, A reporter who printed what the questions were on an essay test, and another dumb criminal in Michigan.

O’Reilly still hasn’t apologized to Shawn Hornbeck and his family over his comments about Shawn having fun. Look, I know O’Reilly is a total butt wipe, but even butt wipes can apologize once in a while. Worse yet, O’Reilly has a new book aimed at kids coming out.

Keith interviews Shawn’s parents.

Keeping Tabs: Search warrants have been issued and searches carried out in regards to the death of Anna Nicole Smith. I see a doctor going to jail. Reporters were booted out of the courtroom when Britney showed up at court to give the court commissioner a piece of her mind.

Worst Person: Terry Jeffreys, the NSA,
and Bill O’Reilly.

Mo Rocca joins Keith for the end segment when they discuss that Bush’s ratings have gone up when he competes head to head with Paris Hilton.