A Fine and Timely Book – Carl Oglesby’s Ravens in the Storm, Part I by Daniel N. White

by Daniel N. White
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
February 28, 2010

Part I

Stumbled across Carl Oglesby’s Ravens in the Storm:  A Personal History of the 1960’s Antiwar Movement at the library.  Book was published in 2008 and made some splash in left circles but seems to have been mostly ignored by the book reviewing fraternity.  I grabbed it almost by accident in a hurry–I’d never been that interested in the SDS (Oglesby was president of SDS 1965-66) but I figured that there might be something in it of use or interest to someone like me who is completely opposed to our two failed ongoing wars in the middle east.  Turned out I figured right, and the book has some real gems in it that are of truly unsurpassed value to all of us.

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