Noam Chomsky: The Fate of the Human Species

Chomsky at the World Social Forum (Porto Alegr...

Chomsky at the World Social Forum (Porto Alegre) in 2003 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by Pierhead Sessions TV

The Pierhead Sessions was proud to welcome the renowned linguist, scholar and political analyst Noam Chomsky during a rare visit to Wales. During an intimate question and answer session with Jane Davidson AM (Minister for the Environment, Sustainability and Housing) he discussed a wide range of issues including wikileaks, American foreign policy under Bush and Obama, New Labour, the Welsh Assembly, the Middle East, Twitter, the environment, religion, oil, nuclear weapons, the Chilcot Inquiry, language, Aristotle, inequality, and the British laws on terrorism, amongst many others.

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The media battle for Egypt + Changing the US vision of the Middle East + Eliminate the Witnesses

The face of Egypt - Egypt Uprising protest Mel...

Image by Takver via Flickr

AlJazeeraEnglish | February 05, 2011

Despite the best efforts of Hosni Mubarak’s government, images of millions of Egyptians protesting on the streets of Cairo, Alexandra and Suez have been beamed around the world. But while the clashes between anti- and pro-Mubarak protestors dominated the airwaves, the journalists covering the fighting became targets themselves. Many were harassed, arrested and beaten while others had their equipment confiscated, but they continued to cover the story.

The government pulled the plug on the country’s internet connection, cut the phone lines for a time, poured propaganda out on state-controlled media but the momentum of the demonstrators was unstoppable. We trail the coverage of one of the biggest political protests in Arab history, one that came together online, dominated the headlines and sent tremors all the way from Sanaa to Washington.

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Facebook’s censorship of left must be fought

Dandelion Salad

By Melinda Butterfield
Jul 16, 2010

The U.S.-based social-networking monolith Facebook has begun an all-out assault on its members, deleting three active groups that advocated for progressive and radical causes, permanently banning the accounts of four individuals who administered one group, and sending threatening messages to others.

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