Let’s Be…Frank By Vi Ransel

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Crossposted at Thomas Paine’s Corner thanks, Jason.

By Vi Ransel
June 10, 2009


“This is exactly what Obama’s idol, Ronald Reagan, did with his starter’s pistol in the race to the bottom 30 years ago with the destruction of PATCO, which accelerated the financial warfare against the working class in America.”

Picture this. A man who owns a Fifth Avenue apartment in Manhattan, a private plane and a horse farm, a man who profited from investments in Chrysler and GMAC, a private equity manager worth over $600 million, who had a million dollars in shares of both Chrysler and GMAC… That man is telling US auto workers – no, he’s demanding – that they take a permanent, and HUGE, reduction in their living standard, which includes the immediate elimination of dental and optical care for hundreds of thousands of retirees and their dependents. That care was in their contract, and contracts are so, dontcha know, sacrosanct that CEOs of “underwater” financial institutions could not be asked politely to take smaller, multimillion dollar bonuses – because those bonuses were part of their contracts. And these were very same CEOs who had overseen the “drowning” of those financial institutions, but, no, they got to keep their obscene bonuses while retired auto workers must give up their teeth and their eyes. How’s THAT for a classless society? Yep. In America we have ——- no class. You betcha.

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