Crossover As Transformation — My Testimony by Gaither Stewart

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Image by Charles Hutchins via Flickr

by Gaither Stewart
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Rome, Italy
October 31, 2017

I woke up in the early 1970s. Since such an awakening happened in my life, I believe something similar happens also in the life of others. Though I didn’t realize it I had stood for sometime at a crossroads. I had to take the left. This sounds reductive but in retrospect it feels that my transformation happened more or less like that. Before, I was one person. Afterwards—the interval might have been months long, maybe a couple years—I was another. No need to over-dramatize and claim that the event happened as if it arrived like a thunder bolt. In any case, over a period of time, in the same way revolution happens, I revolted against my own self of the time; against my old life. And I became another. Today, as a result, part of my personal philosophy of life is that people can and do change. Fundamentally.

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Barry McGuire: I Am a Dead Man + Eve Of Destruction

Barry McGuire in 1979.

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on Aug 12, 2009

TX 6 Aug 2009
Our guest is one of the most well-known international singer/songwriters from the infamous music culture of the sixties.

Barry McGuire was known for his distinctive gravel voice and his performances with groups such as the New Christy Minstrels – and also for the iconic hit, Eve of Destruction.

On a recent visit to this country, he took the time to ‘drop in’ and hang out with our Rob Holding

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Isaiah 53: Who is Isaiah speaking of in this chapter? by Lo + Aviad Cohen: Hooked On The Truth

Dandelion Salad

Updated: Feb. 1, 2018 replaced video

I first posted this just over a year ago on my myspace blog and thought I’d repost when I watched the following video by Aviad Cohen.  Who is Isaiah speaking of in this chapter? ~ Lo


Isaiah (Photo credit: Missional Volunteer)

Isaiah 53 (King James Version)

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