We’d Better Answer This One by Daniel N. White

by Daniel N. White
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Dec. 7, 2009

This one being the night question that hit me a couple of days ago. There aren’t that many times in my life I’ve woken up in the middle of the night from a good night’s sleep wide knocked wide awake with some great realization, but it happened to me a couple of nights ago. Lets put it on paper and get it out there and maybe somebody can answer it.

Out at UT two years ago I did some knocking on doors on behalf of the journalist and Latin Americanist John Ross, who writes regularly for CounterPunch. John let out in CP that he was traveling through the US, gave his itinerary, and urged his readers to contact local colleges and universities along his route to get him in for some guest lecturing. I went off to UT, and talked to seven departments sum total, putting on the best sales pitch I could to the department chairs’ secretaries, a couple of the department chairs themselves–Government, History, Spanish, Latin American Studies, the LBJ School of Public Affairs, Sociology, and ROTC. Mostly I got listened to politely and it was obvious that nobody was interested in doing anything to get word out to the professors and TA’s about this opportunity, and I most seriously doubt any efforts in that direction were ever made by anyone. Hell, with the web, Ross’ work is easily available and it is eyepoke obvious reading it that anyone who writes that entertaingly well is going to enthrall a classful of bored undergraduates. Zero contact back from UT to Ross or me–absolutely dead issue.

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