Artificial People by Rand Clifford + Thom Hartmann: Are Corporations People?

by Rand Clifford
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
September 13, 2010

Corporate Personhood
By Helen Cox, used with permission.
© All rights reserved.

Ray Davies, front man for the British rock band The Kinks, sang in 1974: “I can visualize the day when the world will be controlled by artificial people, but I don’t want to live a lie in an artificial world.”

The song is titled, Artificial Man, from the album, Preservation Act II. Ray Davies’ words were very apropos in 1974, even more so in 2010—especially with the fresh Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruling that dissolves any restrictions on the amount of money corporations may spend to influence elections. By overruling two important precedents regarding the 1st amendment (1) rights of corporations, the SCOTUS opened the floodgates, allowing unlimited corporate cash to inundate elections, thereby further depleting the already meager power of actual American people to choose our elected officials and influence America’s future course.

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