Paul Thompson: 9/11-A mind-boggling journey (updated)

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Updated: Sept. 17, 2011; added Part 3

Paul Thompson: 9/11-A mind-boggling journey + Sibel Edmonds: 9/11, Ron Paul, Israel and more This is Part 3 of our three-part one-of-a-kind interview series with author and researcher Paul Thompson. Paul Thompson joins us to discuss one of the most blacked-out and censored aspects of Al-Qaeda-CIA connections: The partnership and alliance between the CIA and Al Qaeda and their joint operations in Central Asia, Balkans and Caucasus throughout the 1990’s. Mr. Thompson talks about Al-Qaeda’s Balkans operations, running training camps, money-laundering, and drug running … Read More

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Paul Thompson: The 9/11 Timeline + Dahlia Wasfi: The Destruction of Iraq

Updated: Sept. 22, 2011 added the transcript

by Cindy Sheehan
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Sept. 11, 2011

9/11 = inside job

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(SOAPBOX #108) – It’s been 10 years since the fall of the towers, and America has been “shifted right” – far to the right; into the realms of Eternal War. To my mind, the formerly generous and caring American spirit has been transformed into distrustful and suspicious fear of anything that’s “alien” and “different”, coupled with a lust to punish all “miscreants”. And that’s not to even mention the growth of the national Security State and our declining/decaying civil rights! (See this on civil rights.) Continue reading