Thought-herding and the ‘Alternative Media’ by Sean Fenley

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by Sean Fenley
Dandelion Salad
The Anything and Everything
Jan. 11, 2010

Most the so-called ‘alternative media’ are just outlets for ‘acceptable’ opinion, and ‘acceptable’ discourse of the state and corporate sponsored left (I believe the same occurs on the right as well). Anything outside the lines is nothing other than sheer blasphemy. Blasphemy against the church, state, and party (of ‘progressivism’, or at least what has co-opted its name). On many of the faux progressive or ‘alternative media’ websites, the blasphemers are locked away (with lock and key), while at others they are just relegated to the sidelines (or if we want to be metaphorical about it, the proverbial dungeon). Thus, the herd is kept in line, and the homogeneity of the ostensible left, prevails! Yay! The good guys won another battle! But, of course, the outcome was determined before the clock had even started to tick.

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