Activists Hang Four Anti-#TPP Banners on U.S. Trade Building in D.C.

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Bill Hughes on Sep 23, 2013

On September 23rd, Social Justice activists hung four huge anti-Trans-Pacific Partnership, (TPP), banners on the U.S. Office of Trade Representative building in Washington, D.C. None of the activists were arrested, although one, Tighe Barry, was detained briefly during the demonstration, and then released.

According to “Resist the Trans-Pacific Partnership”, unless “Fast Track” is defeated, a finalized trade deal will more than likely “further entrench corporate power in every area of our lives [including the Internet]…[especially] with more than 600 corporate advisors on board — [as negotiators] including [representatives from] Monsanto, Halliburton, Walmart and Chevron.”

Speaking on camera are Kevin Zeese, Dr. Margaret Flowers, Natalie Yoon and Tighe Barry. To learn more about this important issue, go to: “Resist the TPP — Stop Fast Track,” at:

[Special to the Baltimore Post-Examiner]

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Kucinich Leads Congress in Demanding Accountability and Transparency for Drone Strikes + Obama’s Kill List

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by Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich
May 31, 2012

Drone Killings a Stain Upon Our Nation

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has opposed the use of combat drones against suspected terrorists abroad since the first known attack in 2004. In February 2006, he asked the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency to suspend the use of Predator drones citing the “high toll in innocent civilian life.” In the 111th Congress, he sponsored a bill to prohibit the extrajudicial killing of U.S. citizens abroad in response to revelations that the Administration included U.S. citizens on its targeted killing list. Continue reading