Tony Benn Was Our Man by Michael Parenti

by Michael Parenti
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March 14, 2014

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The first time I met Tony Benn was years ago at the WBAI Pacifica radio station in New York. We were both being simultaneously interviewed about the events of the day. He was delighted to be able to speak his mind and share his progressive views with mine on the radio. “There’s much more freedom of speech in the U.S. than in the U.K.,” he remarked to me. “Not that much more,” I said. That was the closest we came to a disagreement.

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Remembering British MP Tony Benn, a Lifelong Critic of War and Capitalism + Never be afraid of getting old

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Condolences to Tony Benn’s family and friends.


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democracynow on Mar 14, 2014 – Tony Benn, the former British Cabinet minister, longtime Parliament member and antiwar activist, has died at the age of 88. He was the longest-serving member of Parliament in the history of Britain’s Labour Party, serving more than half a century. He left Parliament in 2001, saying he planned to “spend more time on politics.” In 2009 he appeared on Democracy Now! to talk about the war in Afghanistan and Britain’s fight for a nationalized healthcare system. Continue reading

Tony Benn Condemns Escalation of War in Afghanistan & Defends Britain’s Socialized Healthcare System

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Democracy Now!
August 18, 2009

British Politician Tony Benn Condemns Escalation of War in Afghanistan & Defends Britain’s Socialized Healthcare System

While President Obama defended his escalation of the war in Afghanistan on Monday, in Britain, America’s closest ally, antiwar sentiment is growing. This week, the number of British troops killed in Afghanistan since 2001 surpassed 200. Yesterday in central London, protesters read the names of the 200 British soldiers, as well as the names 200 Afghan citizens killed in the war. The demonstration in Whitehall was led by former British MP Tony Benn, who is currently the president of the Stop the War Coalition. He is a former cabinet minister and the longest-serving MP in the history of the British Labour Party.

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Tony Benn, former cabinet minister and the longest-serving MP in the history of the Labour Party. He is also president of the Stop the War Coalition.

via British Politician Tony Benn Condemns Escalation of War in Afghanistan & Defends Britain’s Socialized Healthcare System

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Tony Benn: Banks Should Be Publically Owned

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Al Jazeera’s Anand Naidoo, standing in for Riz Khan, speaks to Tony Benn, the former British Labour MP and cabinet minister, about his reaction to the G20 summit in London.

Benn discusses whether any of the pledged money will go to poor and developing countries and whether more regulation will really help prevent a financial crisis from happening again.


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Climate and Capitalism
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Inside Iraq: Shia political power (Tony Benn)

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With its Sunni-dominated political elite, Iraq was regarded as the regional counterweight to Iran’s Shia influence. But the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s regime and the renewed political influence of Iraq’s Shia community has changed that regional balance of power. Inside Iraq examines this fragile balance of power.


Meet Tony Benn (video)

Tony Benn Talks Democracy & health care (video; Sicko clip)

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replaced video August 24, 2009

October 06, 2008

Free health care In England and Canada and yes even Cuba.

Added: December 30, 2007


US agency OKs slashing of health benefits for over-65 retirees By Bill Van Auken

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