Occupy Draws Strength From the Powerless by Chris Hedges

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Must We Adore Vaclav Havel? by Michael Parenti (1997)

by Michael Parenti
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Dec. 18, 2011

Portrait of Václav Havel, a Czech playwright, ...

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From Michael Parenti’s Blackshirts and Reds (1997) pp. 97-99.

No figure among the capitalist restorationists in the East has won more adulation from U.S. officials, media pundits, and academics than Vaclav Havel, a playwright who became the first president of post-Communist Czechoslovakia and later president of the Czech Republic. The many left-leaning people who also admire Havel seem to have overlooked some things about him: his reactionary religious obscurantism, his undemocratic suppression of leftist opponents, and his profound dedication to economic inequality and unrestrained free-market capitalism.

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